Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ main spokeswoman ruffled a few liberal feathers on Sunday after she suggested the Parental Rights in Education bill could fairly be called an “anti-grooming” bill.

South Florida Twitter Troll Attacks Gov. DeSantis’ Spokeswoman As A Russian Spy. It Doesn’t Go Well

Last month, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Tampa came under attack by leftists, including by so-called feminists, after the Trump appointee struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate for interstate travel.

Appearing on Fox News afterward, Kellyanne Conway, one of former President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers, wondered about this. She pointedly asked liberal columnist Juan Williams, “When are you and the Democrats going to tire of attacking strong, smart women who are connected to Donald Trump? It’s so last five years ago.”

Former Trump press secretaries Kayleigh McEnany and Sarah Huckabee Sanders would likely agree.

Ironically, the party that cannot define what a woman actually is seems content to keep attacking those “strong smart women” on the right.

On Saturday, a hyperventilating lefty on Twitter accused Christina Pushaw, spokeswoman for Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, of being a Russian spy or something because Pushaw has opted to have a light presence on the internet.

The irony in this situation is beyond delicious – yet typical of the left.

First, Pushaw’s attacker’s profile was dubbed “DeathSantis is #PutinsPuppet.” The header photo showed a woman, presumably the account owner, with Hillary Clinton.

The account handle was named @HRCwon2016 and indicated she lives in South Florida, describing herself as a “Smoky Mtn Tarheel,” a “Lithuanian/Appalachian,” and a “Baltic girl with a drawl.”   

Yet just by her handle, she promotes disinformation and one of the biggest conspiracy theories around: that Clinton won in 2016. This, after we now know Clinton accused Trump of being a Russian asset when Clinton actually paid Russian operatives to dig up dirt on Trump in order to claim that he was a Russian asset.

Nonetheless, @HRCwon2016, wrote of Pushaw on Twitter, “Surely more of you out there besides just a handful of us are curious as to why DeSantis’ press secretary and leader of online troll army, Pushaw, is hiding even seemingly normal details about herself. What is she hiding? She appeared out of nowhere.”

She then added, “After Rebekah Jones blew the whistle on DeSantis for cooking the COVID fatality numbers, Pushaw just showed up, seemingly out of nowhere. You can find her on LinkedIn. Nothing else. No marital/parental status. No family background. Who hides that? Military. Spies. Criminals.”

Speaking of criminals, Jones, by the way, showing the left’s bias toward outlaws, was a criminal herself who was fired in disgrace by the Florida Department of Health for mishandling confidential information.

Jones was arrested multiple times, including on charges of cyberstalking, felony robbery, trespass, contempt of court, criminal mischief, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest. Before being axed by the Health Department, she was fired for inappropriate conduct by both Florida State University and LSU. She also was arrested for pilfering Health Department records.

As for Jones allegedly exposing DeSantis, last June Yahoo News reported that even the liberals at Twitter permanently suspended her account for posts that amounted to a “disinformation campaign” about Florida’s COVID response, as was noted by Jared Moskowitz, the Democratic former head of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management whom DeSantis recently appointed to a vacancy on the Broward County Commission.

Yahoo also noted that Jones “falsely claimed she was ordered to alter raw [Health Department] data in order to make the state’s coronavirus response look better. … After being confronted with her own personnel records, Jones admitted that she was ‘never’ asked to delete information on coronavirus deaths from the public dashboard and went so far as to say she had never claimed otherwise, despite the existence of numerous tweets and other public statements in which she clearly accused her superiors of ordering her to cover up the true number of COVID deaths in Florida.”

So not only is Jones a crook, she’s a liar. Yet @HRCwon2016 cites her as an example of virtue.

Then, @HRCwon2016 noted, “Don’t y’all think it’s odd that she [Pushaw] reacts so strongly when questioned about it? Two articles at the beginning of her tenure. Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald. Nothing else. It’s like a gag order. *It’s also worthy of noting that DeSantis refuses to divest FL from Russian” money, a reference to the pittance of Russian assets held by Florida’s pension account.

For more irony, @HRCwon2016 – who wondered about Pushaw’s secrecy – drew this observation from Twitchy.com: “Pushaw uses her real name on Twitter, but we don’t know who @hrcwon16 is … isn’t that suspicious?”

Again, as for her claim of the influence of Russia, @HRCwon2016 supports Hillary Clinton, who paid Russian operatives to interfere in the 2016 election on her behalf.

Nonetheless, as Twitchy.com noted, Pushaw got her job, according to the Miami Herald, by emailing DeSantis’ camp and asking for a job.

But DeSantis’ press secretary explained for herself, in a reply to the unhinged @HRCwon2016, why she keeps things hidden:

“I don’t publish information about my family or personal life at all,” Pushaw tweeted, “because I want to protect apolitical private citizens from lunatics like you and the Washington Post doxer.”

The last comment is a reference to Post reporter Taylor Lorenz, who at the beginning of April was tearfully claiming on MSNBC that she had PTSD because of attacks by social media trolls, and then by the end of April went and doxxed the previously anonymous owner of the conservative Libs of Tik Tok account, exposing yet another conservative woman to attacks by the left.

For one final irony, @HRCwon2016 also did not react well to being trolled, although she criticized Pushaw for reacting “so strongly when questioned” by critics.

“Call me Karen. I don’t gaf,” @HRCwon2016 tweeted in a snit. “I blocked/reported every one of Pushaw’s flying monkeys on this thread.”

If it weren’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

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