South Shore’s Business Outlook, 2019 and Beyond

By: Staff Report

It’s no secret; South Shore is experiencing growth and is projected to keep growing. Previously home to agricultural land, the area is now transforming from a tourist destination to a great place to live. South Shore’s Chamber of Commerce president believes that this growth will continue to allow South Shore to grow into a great community that is resident-focused. South Shore is the perfect place for business, living, and visiting. The amount of potential for business growth is limitless!

Current Business Outlook

Currently, South Shore is a unique community. There is a great mix of businesses, with evident success in retail, medical, educational, and industrial services. The area is also magnificent for real estate, as people seem to be rushing into the area, eager to live in South Shore. Whereas most communities don’t have a great variety of business specialties, South Shore seems to have it all. The current population has a great amount of those that are either active in the military or military veterans, allowing for an additional specialization in military services. The area is currently undergoing a shift from being a popular tourist location to becoming a popular place to settle down and live in. This means that local businesses are experiencing more consistent customers, allowing them to grow and expand.

Southshore Chamber Executive Director Melanie Davis added, ” People have been talking about growth in South Shore for years and now it’s actually happening.”

Future Business Outlook and Potential for Growth

The future is certainly looking bright for the South Shore area, and there are still many gaps that must be filled by businesses; this is already occurring. Whereas it may have been necessary in the past for residents to journey outside of the area to find the services that they needed, these services are becoming prevalent within the area itself. The recent increase of service-oriented businesses, especially that of medical clinics, doctor’s offices, legal offices, and insurance, has been very apparent. Unlike smaller communities that only feature a few restaurants and stores, South Shore is beginning to offer every service that residents may need. The outlook for the community is great for those businesses that offer services even beyond the everyday needs of residents, and businesses that serve the community are especially needed at this time of growth.

“As more residents continue to move in, you will start to see even more service-oriented businesses open up. This allows residents to stay within South Shore for their needs.” said Davis.

Impact on Current Businesses

The rapid growth that South Shore is currently experiencing will certainly impact the current businesses within the community. As the community grows, it is inevitable that chain restaurants, stores, and services will begin to emerge. This may hurt local businesses if they can’t keep up with the growth. Now, more than ever, it is important to support the local businesses that you appreciate. The emergence of new stores and services may either benefit these smaller businesses by an increase in traffic, or they may serve as competition. This is why it is crucial to support the businesses that you love. Throughout time, however, businesses will find the perfect balance and find the perfect fit for themselves in the community.

Shift in Population

Hillsborough County is home to a massive veteran and military population. This is great news for the military-specific services, as they will continue to increase to meet the needs of the population. With the massive amount of growth in residencies and real estate options, there will also be an apparent growth in the amount of families that make their homes in South Shore. This will lead to a growth in child care services, sports and recreations, education, dance centers, and family services. Coupled with the presence of the nearby universities, education and youth-focused services will also see a massive increase.

Overall, there is a massive shift of the South Shore area from being a tourist-central location to becoming a resident-focused area. The growth is inevitable, which means that it is important that you act. Support current local businesses that you love. Become active in the community. If there is something that you wish to see in the community, let your voice be heard! Becoming active in the planning of South Shore can help transform the area into a place that the residents love.


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