A Spring Hill woman has been arrested, and a child is in the custody of DCF after the woman was 'acting strange' and left a child at home alone.

Spring Hill Woman Charged With Child Neglect After ‘Acting Strange’, Leaving Child Home Alone

A Spring Hill woman has been arrested, and a child is in the custody of DCF after the woman was 'acting strange' and left a child at home alone.
Amber Frazier (HCSO)

SPRING HILL, Fla – A Spring Hill woman has been arrested, and a child is in the custody of DCF after the woman was ‘acting strange’ and left a child at home alone.

On Thursday, just after 10 a.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence in Spring Hill after receiving a call from a concerned citizen regarding the welfare of a small child.

When deputies arrived, they met with the caller, who stated a female acquaintance arrived at the caller’s home earlier that morning. 

“The caller observed the female to be acting strange and believed she was under the influence of an unknown narcotic,” said HCSO.

The caller knew the female, Amber Frazier, was responsible for providing care and supervision to a small child.  The small child was not with Frazier, so the caller asked where the child was.  Frazier told her the child was “in the car outside.”

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The caller immediately went to check the vehicle and found it empty. 

The caller asked again where the child was. This time, Frazier told her the child was in school.  Knowing the child was not in school, the caller advised Frazier to get in the car, at which time the caller drove to Frazier’s residence to see if the child was there.

Deputies said when they arrived, Frazier exited the vehicle and began banging on the doors and windows of the residence, stating she was “locked out.”  After several minutes of banging, the small child answered the door.

The caller discovered the child had been left home alone, without care or supervision, and requested Hernando County Fire and Emergency Services (HCFES) respond to check on Frazier’s overall status. 

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“As per HCFES personnel, Frazier was clearly under the influence of too much medication and should not be operating a vehicle,” said HCSO. “The caller left Frazier and the child at the residence and went home.  Once at home, the caller contacted the Sheriff’s Office.”

Deputies responded to Frazier’s residence to check on her and the child.

Deputies noted that Frazier still appeared to be under the influence of something. 

Frazier told deputies it was “her new medication” and she had taken one or two the previous night.  Frazier gave the prescription bottle to the deputy. 

“The deputy observed the prescription had been filled on April 23, 2023. Upon conducting a pill count, deputies discovered (in addition to what was prescribed) seven pills were missing,” said HCSO.

Deputies asked Frazier about the discrepancy.  She provided several reasons why the pills were missing, including putting those seven pills in another last week (even though the prescription had been filled within the last 24 hours).  Frazier also told the deputy she had been smoking marijuana regularly.

Frazier then told deputies she took one pill at 9 a.m. on 04-27-23, then took eight more pills over the next 18-hour period.

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When asked about leaving the child without supervision, Frazier said a friend named “Jessica” stayed with the child.  Frazier could not provide Jessica with a last name, address, and/or telephone number.

Deputies contacted the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and requested an immediate response.

The DCF case worker and the deputy interviewed Frazier again regarding the medication and leaving the child alone.  Frazier continued providing varying stories about the medication and denying leaving the child alone.

DCF decided to remove the child from Frazier’s care.  The case worker stated this would be the third time the child was removed from Frazier’s care.  The child was placed in the care of a family member.

Deputies placed Frazier under arrest for Felony Child Neglect.  Her bond was set at $2,000, as per the bond schedule.

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