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Strategic Conversations on Rape and Life Empowerment

Zelna Oberholster reading her Book Napierville

Zelna is tackling conversations many are shy to admit having experienced and normalizing the talk to enable one to get the help they need.

It's time to own your present and future, whether you are a man, woman, or child. Because you are WORTH it !!!”

— Zelna Oberholster

PRETORIA, FLORIDA, SOUTH AFRICA, December 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Women like Zelna can create a positive impact into propelling changes against such acts, hence community development. Her experience in professional practice as a life coach and speaker enables her to empower abuse survivors, especially more vulnerable young women. What makes her relatable is the fact that she’s a mother and a wife too despite the abuses.

Zelna is all-rounded hence has experience in strategy development, communication, organizational transformation, and media. She will, therefore, be spending this holiday speaking to every group irrespective of gender or age about the signs to look for, when to speak up and how-to, and the prevention measures against rape and abuse in her community because anybody can be affected. This is especially prevalent during the holiday season when survivors are often surrounded by by-standing family members and traumatic memories.

She is the author of a book, Napierville, which can be used as a tool guide for the healing journey of survivors; written after her multiple sexual cases of abuse as a child. Her corporate experience and education from the rising and falling of businesses is also a compliment to her business conversations and coaching as an entrepreneur from her business enterprises.
She has a passion for uplifting survivors, especially women, and a purpose in empowering them to achieve maximum potential and leverage that to thrive in life. She believes that overcoming adversity is integral to self-fulfillment and growth if well harnessed. As her mantra goes, "It's time to own your present and future. Because you are WORTH it !!!"

To get the conversation going, Zelna launched her Podcast named, Zelebrate with Zelna Oh. This allows her and her various guests to openly and honestly discuss issues affecting both genders. The launch season theme is on Gender-Based Violence which includes conversations with survivors of the Modemolle Monster attack and a man who admits he was raped. She is tackling conversations many are shy to admit having experienced and normalizing the talk to enable one to get the help they need.

Zelna knows what it's like to face such dark times that you don't want to wake up in the morning! She also knows that sometimes it's the smallest things that can help heal. She has what it takes to instantly turn your dark days into love and light. Do not stay quiet. Be a victor, not a victim.


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