Superhairpieces expects thin skin hair system popularity to further increase in Q4 2021

A skin base hair system.

As a result of the pandemic, skin bases have become the most popular hair units on the market and that's a trend Superhairpieces believes will only continue.

SUNRISE, FLORIDA, USA, July 9, 2021 / — Thin skin hair systems have become the most popular hair unit on the market, and Superhairpieces expects that trend to only continue this year ahead of Q4.

Superhairpieces is a leading supplier of non-surgical hair replacement systems including human hair wigs, toupees for men, hair toppers and hair extensions in North America with locations in Sunrise, Florida, and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected production in the hair system industry over the course of the last year, but one byproduct was the increased sales in thin skin hair systems compared to lace or monofilament bases.

Skin bases are made of pure polyurethane material with the hair directly knotted into it and sealed by more layers of clear polyskin. They tend to be very thin which make them look very natural on the scalp while providing comfort to the wearer and being easy to maintain.

Because there is less ventilation required in the manufacturing process, they were among the first units to recover for most hair suppliers during the pandemic. As per industry insights, Superhairpieces even estimates that 80-90% of all the available units on the market are currently skin bases.

“For lace and mono bases, ventilation usually makes up 70-80% of the cost in the manufacturing process, but with skin bases, it’s around 30% less,” Superhairpieces CEO George Li said. “Skilled ventilation workers usually make six to eight skin base units per month while lace units are usually four to five. In addition, training a ventilation worker to make a skin base can take at least three months while for a lace and mono base, it can take four to six months and nine months respectively.

“Along with the shortage of skilled ventilation workers in the industry, this is why skin bases are being prioritized and why they will continue to dominate the market.”

Superhairpieces expects the next base material to recover being the French and Swiss lace with lace systems overall recovering by the end of 2021. Mono bases, however, will take more time due to the time and costs involved in manufacturing given the current conditions.

However, the expectation is that the entire industry will recover by the end of 2022. “We were the first to recover with skin bases, and as we continue to currently sell the most mono hair units on the market, we expect to be the first to recover to full capacity with mono as well,” Li added.

Superhairpieces offers the following:

Thin skin hair systems
Full lace hair systems
Monofilament hair systems
Hair extensions
Eyelash extensions
And much more!

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