It seems we may avoid worrying about Americans turning on each other as our ancestors violently did in the 1860s.

Survey: Three Of Every Five Liberal College Students Are Not Proud To Be American

The liberals’ endless hate-America campaign is bearing fruit.

According to a survey by a pair of North Dakota State University professors, 60 percent of college students who claim to be liberal answered “no” when asked, “Are you proud to be an American?”

In contrast, 86 percent of conservative students answered “yes.”

Overall, 56 percent of the respondents agreed with the conservatives. 

The survey, conducted by NDSU professors John Bitzan and Clay Routledge, questioned more than 400,000 students from 1,000 colleges on issues of patriotism, economics, and free speech. The ratios reflected in the replies to the “proud” exclude answers given by students who are not American citizens.

In a joint statement, Bitzan and Routledge admitted they were surprised by the results.

Previous work, they told the conservative website Campus Reform, “shows that most Americans are proud to be American, regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, income, or employment status.”

“We don’t know why college students answered in this way, but the differences between answers by college students and the general population on a very similar question seem to suggest something unique that is worth further exploration,” the professors said.

The survey provided disheartening responses on issues of economics and free speech.

Just 24 percent of those surveyed acknowledged a positive view of capitalism. That compared to 44 percent with a negative view. The rest declared themselves neutral.

Along ideological lines, only 13 percent of liberals expressed a positive view of America’s economic system; in contrast, 76 percent of conservatives felt that way.

Meanwhile, 47 percent of liberal students expressed a positive view of socialism, while 69 percent of conservatives saw socialism negatively.

This, too, may be the fruit of the unending attack on America on college campuses.

When asked if professors expressed a negative or positive view of capitalism, respondents overall answered that 70 percent of their teachers took a hostile view of capitalism.

Perhaps least surprising were the answers to questions of free speech.

When asked if they felt comfortable sharing their own opinions on controversial topics in the classroom, 66 percent of liberals answered “yes,” while only 42 percent of conservatives agreed with them.

On another speech issue, 83 percent of conservatives said colleges should not withdraw invitations to speakers if “many” students disagree with them, compared to 61 percent of liberals.

Yet 85 percent of liberals believed that professors should be reported if they say something students find offensive, while 76 percent of them felt that way about their fellow students.

On the conservative side, only 41 percent were willing to report a professor, and just 31 percent would do so with a fellow student. 

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2 Replies to “Survey: Three Of Every Five Liberal College Students Are Not Proud To Be American”

  1. Critical thinking is a must. And access to other viewpoints. Not teaching CRT in schools- any schools. Who were the crazy administrators that allowed that in the first place? And . . . if they aren’t proud to be Americans, they can move and live elsewhere. Those who are proud can stay here. It’s only logical. If you aren’t happy and don’t want to actively fix any given problem, then go elsewhere.

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