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Tako Glass Explains: Glass Pipe Quality Control and Why It Matters

In a market filled with questionable products, Tako Glass asserts its commitment to delivering the goods with only the best quality.

Our customers want what they can’t find elsewhere and as a result, quality remains more important than ever in this competitive market.”

— Tako

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tako Glass announced this week the company has reevaluated its standards for quality control and will take an even more stringent approach to the artists and quality they will allow for sale in their eCommerce store. With the cannabis market growing tremendously each quarter, and the market of hand blown pipes becoming infiltrated with products of all varieties, it has become necessary for a niche producer and retailer to ensure the brand stands for the highest level of quality and that customers understand their commitment to it.

Tako Glass is a leading online retailer of high-end, designer, artisan-made blown glass pipes and bongs and has become one of the nation’s top eCommerce stores dedicated to the highest-quality glass pipes. Tako, an artist with over 25 years of professional experience maintains a dedicated approach to everything he makes and everything he sells in his store, and he has built his business and reputation on this premise through the decades. From working only with artists who are committed to the same exceptional standards, to ensuring rigorous excellence is met for every product made and sold, quality assurance is a major point of authenticity for the company.

“As an artist whose livelihood depends on having the highest quality of products, quality control is among the most important factors that my customers know is uncompromisable in my company.” Stated Tako.

While the price point is certainly a factor of consideration for many shoppers, and with the immense range of lower-end products now on the market at low prices, it can seem exorbitant to drop heavy cash on designer glass pieces. However, what one sacrifices for low prices are quality and dependability, and Tako’s customers are not in the market for low-quality.

“There is a huge range of products available in the glass pipe market; quality runs from extremely low to extremely high, with price points equally varying. If you find a glass piece going for $10.99, you can probably bet it’s not going to be great quality.” Stated Tako.

Additionally, he remarked, “Our customers want what they can’t find elsewhere and as a result, quality remains more important than ever in this competitive market.”

Want to purchase hand-blown glass pipes? If so, know about the quality of the products one is interested in? And what about the retailers – do you know anything about the sellers and their personal commitment to quality? In the world of glass paraphernalia, things aren’t always what they seem; quality remains a questionable factor, and there is a massive array of items that fall on all ranges of the spectrum. Keep this in mind while shopping, and if one is looking for great products at great prices, Tako Glass should be a one-stop-shop.

Tako Glass, one of the nation’s leading retailers of high-end, designer handmade glass pipes and bongs is among the few retailers dedicated to carrying only products of the highest quality. Based in Sequim, Washington, Tako Glass is a family-owned, artist-owned company known for its one-of-a-kind glass designs and carrying the work of many of the world’s top custom glass bong and pipe producers. Keeping a family-centric approach enables Tako to ensure the highest standards of quality control are always in place, and customers know they can trust the brand to carry only the best products available. To learn more, head to www.TakoGlass.com

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