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Tampa Father Sued, Accused of ‘Stealing’ Baby Daughter’s Identity

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – Ashleigh Mitchell and David Ludwig once a couple with two children are now live apart, the courts have discovered the couple finds fault with one another. 

In October, Mitchell filed a lawsuit against Ludwig, accusing him of fraudulently using the identity of their baby girl.

According to the lawsuit, Ludwig started a company in Pinellas County during January 2018 called “SCL Services,” which was named after the couple’s baby daughter, using her initials. Further, Ludwig listed himself as the registered agent and manager of the business but denoted the daughter “SCL” as the sole member of the company. With this information, considered in Mitchell’s lawsuit as “obtaining property by false personation,” “forgery,” and an “invasion of privacy,” Ludwig opened a bank account.

Mitchell contended in her Complaint that Ludwig’s act left their baby – and possibly her – as liable for any issues experienced by the company, such as credit problems. The impression left by the lawsuit is that the business was actively engaged in some commerce, which could not be identified through an official search conducted by The Free Press – Tampa.  All that is allegedly known is that Ludwig worked as a licensed real estate agent for Gasparilla Realty when the new business was registered.

Tampa father sued for stealing babys identity

However,, the go-to website for searching registered companies throughout the State of Florida, shows an October 24, 2020 dissolution of the business with an electronic signature by David Ludwig and a notation that “the company never was used or had assets on hand. Closing due to non-utilization.” A Judicial Dissolution of the company was requested in Mitchell’s Complaint, as was indemnification.

After the lawsuit was filed, Ludwig issued a formal “Answer” to Mitchell’s accusations, declaring she immediately knew Ludwig started the business using their baby daughter’s name but never sought any legal remedy or ever expressed disapproval. Rather, it states she knew Ludwig was in error, which he apparently did not, but used his mistake to take advantage of him.  It contends she also took a long time to complain.

It was July 28th of this year that Ludwig was legally acknowledged as both father and legal guardian of “SCL” since her birth in 2017. In his “Father’s Request for Admissions to Mother,” Ludwig sought Mitchell’s confession that she is an alcoholic and has abused both illegal and prescription drugs since their separation in January 2020 and that she has put her needs above the needs of their two minor children, as well as not cooperating with shared parent time.

No further activity has been filed or recorded.

An attempt to contact all parties resulted in no response.

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