Tampa Military Vet Now Protects Executives on Homeland

August 28, 2020

By: Kirby Lavallee

TAMPA, Fla,- For years he was protecting our nation overseas, but now Matthew Dasinger, a 5th generation Floridian from Tampa, protects high-level executives and those needing security here on the homeland, or wherever his assignments take him.

Matthew Dasinger or “DAS” as many people know him as served in the US Marines for 8 years during Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring. When he got out of the military he knew that he wanted to continue to give back and help others, so getting into the security field was a natural progression. “The discipline that we learn in the military sets you up perfectly for this type of work in the private sector,” he said. Long days and long assignments are typical in this field, as a lot of the jobs that executive protection agents do are out of town assignments. Last year alone, Matt and his team spent almost 90% of the year on the road with their clients, only coming home for sporadic weekends here and there. “In this field, you are away from your family a lot, so the time you get to come home is always enjoyable,” he said.

Matt Dasinger on security assignment with Lev Parnas in New York City SOURCE: Matt Dasinger

Matthew owns a private security firm in Florida called DAS Executive Protection. Just as his name implies, he mainly focuses on executive protection and protecting some of the highest net worth individuals around the Nation. One of the most common questions that he gets is, what exactly is executive protection?

SOURCE: Matt Dasinger

Matthew explains its more than just keeping his clients safe. “In the executive protection world, you are focusing not only on the safety of your client but you are also there to help them with their day to day life,” he said. “From opening doors to carrying bags, making their dinner reservations to walking them into a large business meeting, we do it all.” Most people find themselves staring at Matthew and his team when they pull up in the black escalade with dark tinted windows. As they jump out in their black suits, “Most of the time when people see us, they immediately think of us as the secret service,” he said.

What separates the private security and executive protection companies that are out there? “Training and experience,” Matt says “My team and I have not only worked some of the most high profile assignments in the USA, but we continuously train in defensive tactics, firearm proficiency, and tactical driving.” When looking for a security provider you also want to look for some other important things, other than their qualifications we learned. “In addition to making sure the company is qualified, you must also be licensed by the State of Florida and carry insurance,” Matt says. In Florida, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulates and enforces Security and Investigation companies. If you find yourself in the market for a security vendor, it is always best to check their license status by going to https://www.fdacs.gov/Business-Services/Private-Security-Licenses/Search-for-a-Licensee . 

“As things continue to heat up around the nation, our call volume has skyrocketed,” Matt explains “Our clients trust that when they call us, we not only answer the call, we respond and keep them safe.” The security sector continues to get more calls each and every day as police departments around the US are shorthanded and busy dealing with wide scale unrest. Matt and his team stand ready to answer any calls that are needed, no matter the complexity.

In addition to his security efforts, Matt believes in giving back and serving others. He is very involved in community service and regularly volunteers with veteran organizations that focus on helping veterans get back on their feet and land jobs. 

If you would like to learn more about DAS Executive Protection, check out their website at https://dasexecutiveprotection.com/ or call 727-251-0738.

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