TECTYLE launches NFT tech platform for Fine Art, Fashion and Textiles at Art Week Miami

Tony Casoria, Founder, TECTYLE

TECTYLE will launch its Digi-Physical NFT platform with the debut of MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection

We (TECTYLE) are collaborating with MORPHEW, to add a layer of tech to fashion by turning each piece in the MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection into digi-physical NFTs”

— Tony Casoria, NFT Curator and Founder of TECTYLE.com

MIAMI, FL, USA, November 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — At this year’s much anticipated return of Art Week Miami, TECTYLE will launch its Digi-Physical NFT platform. The launch will be in collaboration with MORPHEW®️, leaders in Sustainable and Vintage Fashion. This collaboration will serve to debut MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection.

"We (TECTYLE) are collaborating with MORPHEW, to add a layer of tech to fashion by turning each piece in the MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection into digi-physical NFTs,” states Tony Casoria, NFT Curator and Founder of TECTYLE.com, a Digi-Physical NFT platform and marketplace. “The physical pieces will have silo chips sewn into the garments that will function as a certificates of authenticity, stored securely on the blockchain. The NFT will also function as the garment's digital identity and come with a photorealistic 3D rendering that can be displayed digitally in a frame as one would do with any other piece of fine art, while the physical piece is protected and preserved."

NFT’s have quickly become part of consumer behavior overall and with the MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection offering they (consumers) can not only buy the physical and digital items in the fashion space, but to also have unique and ‘1 of 1’ certificates of ownership which adds a level of exclusivity that has always worked well for collectors.

“What we are offering is truly ground-breaking,” states Jason Lyon, Fashion Designer, and co-owner MORPHEW. “Our collaboration with Tony (TECTYLE) secures the pairing of the physical (garment) with its digital version allowing for exhibition and preservation of these historic pieces, in the same way that art is collected and exhibited.”

Known for their one-of-a-kind rarities from the high-end fashion and couture worlds, MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection will offer physical and digital representations of pieces worn by Shakira, Grimes, Doja Cat, Selena Gomez, and Madonna, including the MORPHEW VINTAGE she wore for the November 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, in addition to archival pieces from Norma Kamali and Jean Charles De Castelbajac.

As interest in NFTs continue to rise, particularly within the Art world, the launch of the TECTYLE platform, could not come at a better time.

With the launch of TECTYLE, he (Casoria) is bringing the first platform of its kind to market after identifying an e-commerce opportunity for a platform where Digi-physical NFTs could be traded. An attorney and entrepreneur by trade, he shifted his focus to crypto and creative endeavors nearly a decade ago. As an avid art collector, he recognized how revolutionary NFTs would be to the art world and got involved in various NFT projects, including emerging Digi-physical NFT startups.

“We view this opportunity to launch MORPHEW’s Genesis NFT Collection – at Art Miami 2021 – as perfect timing,” states Casoria. “MORPHEW is so well-known for having the most unique collection(s) and we are extremely excited to collaborate with them to offer this unique fashion meets art meets tech NFT that includes both a physical and digital component.”

The garments in the MORPHEW®️ Genesis NFT Collection auction will be accessed through the TECTYLE website, which is supported on Rarible (an Ethereum-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of ownership rights to digital works of art via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In the near future, as TECTYLE continues to build out its own advanced technology, it will be a stand-alone platform not requiring third party technical support.

The bidding will open on Tuesday, November 30 at 12PM/EST to accommodate a global audience. An in-store event will begin on the same date, beginning at 5PM/ET at MORPHEW®️ Miami located at the Faena Bazaar.

For more information about TECTYLE and the MORPHEW Genesis NFT Collection please go to www.tectyle.com

TECTYLE, born in the Garment District of New York City in 2021, collaborates with the world’s leading brands and creatives to bring NFT tech to textiles and other styles of fine art. By incorporating cutting edge silo chip technology, TECTYLE is able to connect the physical to its digital counterpart on the blockchain, unlocking a suite of technology and utility to once analog only items. www.tectyle.com


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