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Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

TeleDaddy, a direct-to-consumer Health Platform including Telemedicine Platform, Online Digital Pharmacy and Digital Therapy Deployment Platform is for sale.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, US, November 15, 2021 / — TeleDaddy, a direct-to-consumer Health Platform utilizing state of the art Telemedicine Platform, Online Digital Pharmacy and Digital Therapy Deployment Platform taking care of everything from diagnosis by US-licensed physicians to the delivery of prescribed FDA approved medication to our patients, is for sale.
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TeleMedicine Platform Highlights
☑SureScripts Certified to send prescription electronically to 65,000 Pharmacy across US.
☑ Video consultation
☑ SMS and Inside Platform Chat
☑ Artificial Intelligence powered Symptoms & Diagnosis.
☑ HIPAA Compliant
☑ Drug Interaction checker
☑ Capture Electronic Consent
☑ LegitScript Certified
Online Pharmacy Highlights
☑ Online Pharmacy Platform
☑ Physical Pharmacy Location in Florida with online pharmacy capability.
☑ 25+ Active State License
☑ Active DEA License
☑ All Major Insurances accepted
☑ Direct to Consumer Subscription offering of Erectile Dysfunction Meds, Birth Control, Migraine, Hair Loss, Skincare, Quit Smoking, Anaphylaxis, Allergies etc.
☑ HUB Pharmacy
☑ Manufacturer solutions for Branded Medications like Contrave, Ubrelvy, Nurtec ODT, Cambia, Zomig Nasal Spray, Stendra, Addyi, Xulane, Qbrexza, Afrezza, Tosymra, Emgality…..etc.
☑ Online Pharmacy Platform
☑ Telemedicine platform
☑ Digital Therapy (DTx) Platform for Leva, EndeavorRx, Somryst, reSET, reSET-O …etc.
☑ Online Pet Telemedicine and Online Pet Pharmacy

☑ Lab Test
☑ Contact Lens Platform

☑ OTC Medications
☑ Medical Marijuana Card

* Platform work in progress.

Common Questions:
Q: Is company generating revenue?
A: Yes
Q: Why would someone buy your company?
A: Our company is turnkey operation.
Q: Who is competitor in your Space?
A: We have multiple platform:
☑ Online Pharmacy Platform:
– Alto Pharmacy
– Capsule Pharmacy
– NowRx Pharmacy
☑ Direct to Consumer Health Platform:
– Hims
– Ro Health
☑ Digital Therapy Deployment Platform:
– Phil
– UpScript
☑ TeleMedicine Platform:
– MdLive
– TelaDoc Health
Q: Do you have Physical Pharmacy?
A: Yes
Q: How many states you can serve from your physical pharmacy and what is plan to serve all 50 states?
A: We can serve 25+ States from our physical pharmacy located in Florida. For remaining states, we are trying to get Non-Resident Pharmacy License. If we needed fulfilment in other states immediately, then we do have two Pharmacy ready to support remaining states.
Q: How is your pricing in Direct-to-Consumer offerings compared to Competitor?
A: Our pricing is 25% to 80% lower than the Competitor with up to 50% Gross Margin on first order and up to 80% Gross margin on recurring order.
Q: Can You elaborate more on Digital Therapy Deployment Platform?
A: Digital therapeutics (DTx) are a digital health category defined by the Digital Therapeutics Alliance as products that “deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease.” Teledaddy provides 360 access from patient consultation, coverage determination, Co-Pay Collection to delivery of digital content to patient from the single platform.
Q: How can we request a demo of all the functionalities?
A: Please send us a request on
– A doctor’s prescription is required for purchase.


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