Audrey Hale

Tennessee Mass Murderer Sought To Promote Gun Control By Killing “Rich White People”

Audrey Hale
Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale (MNPD)

For months the left demanded that the manifesto penned by a mass murderer who struck a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, never see the light of day.

Liberals had a good reason for that. As the public learned when pieces of the writing were leaked earlier this month, the killer, a biological woman named Audrey Hale who claimed to be a transgender man, specifically targeted victims who were white and Christian.

Now, a manifesto from another mass shooter has come out, and it, too, shows the left-wing motives of the murderer.

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As reported by the Post Millennial on Wednesday, authorities in Louisville released the manifesto of Connor Sturgeon, revealing that he sought to kill “rich white people” in an effort to promote gun control.

In April, Sturgeon shot up a bank where he once worked, killing four former co-workers and a police officer. He wounded nine others. Police killed Sturgeon in a shootout shortly after the mass murder.

The Post Millennial reported that Sturgeon left a journal with entries starting a week before his April 10 attack. As the outlet noted, the first entry “discusses Sturgeon, who had a history of suicidal ideation and mental health issues, viewing his life as meaningless and the need to make an impact or affect change.”

“He lists off issues that had been impacting him such as inflation, climate disaster, gun access, lack of mental health care, and politicians with no interest in helping people,” the report continues.

“The next journal entry is dated April 4, the day Sturgeon purchased the firearm used to carry out the attack. This journal entry was centered around his plan to kill ‘rich white people’ in order to teach them a lesson about the need for stricter gun laws.”

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The killer himself wrote in his journal: “I have decided to make an impact. These people did not deserve to die, but because I was depressed and able to buy [guns], they are gone. Perhaps this is the impact for change — upper class white people dying.”

“I certainly would not have been able to do this were it more difficult to get a gun,” Sturgeon added. “I know our politicians are solely focused on lining their own pockets, but maybe this will knock some sense into them. If not, good luck.”

The day before the massacre, Sturgeon wrote, “I know I won’t be around to see it, and know that makes me a coward. But I pray this can send a message to those with power that they are not invincible.” He added, “If we want change it will take enormous action,” and that “I am definitely very sick.”

Sturgeon, in the journal, noted of obtaining the gun and ammo he used that it was “legitimately unfathomable how easy this all was.”

“But let us not forget the most important player here. The one who made all this possible. Let’s give it up for the NRA!!” he wrote, referring to the National Rifle Association.

“I couldn’t have done this without all of your lobbying dollars! You really brought this whole thing together. This is the world you are building. One without any regard for the value of human life.”

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