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‘That B*tch is Responsible’ Accusations Fly after Tampa Man’s Suicide

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – In the wee hours of April 10, 2019, Ryan Anderson, a former business partner of Federal Award Management Registry in Tampa, ended his life. Now, his brother and co-partner, Bradley Anderson is suing Ryan Anderson’s ex-live-in girlfriend, Lacey Diann Newton. 

According to Newton in deputies reports, she and Ryan Anderson went out hours before the tragedy to get a bite to eat and enjoy a little Karaoke at Mother’s Restaurant in West Chase. During the evening, Newton became unhappy with Anderson as he was diabetic and drinking heavily.  At some point, he asked Newton to put his gun in her purse as it was pinching his waist.  Newton refused, saying she didn’t want the responsibility for a firearm.

Newton had an early morning work schedule so they agreed she would go home and he would stay and sing some more. Newton walked home to 9607 Woodbay Drive, walked the dogs, and prepared to retire for the evening.  She began to search for her cell phone and noticed she missed a few calls from Anderson.  At some point, she opened the garage door and saw Anderson in his BMW.  Thinking he was drunk and asleep in his vehicle like she had found him before, she approached the car to tell Anderson to come to bed.  Instead, Newton found Anderson’s deceased body wounded by a bullet to the left temple.

Newton was hysterical when Hillsborough County deputies arrived, barely able to speak.  But during her statement, she indicated that before they went to eat, Anderson showed her some gold coins he owned.

In his lawsuit, Bradley Anderson accuses Newton of opening the safe and removing the gold coins valued over $13,000.  However, Newton’s attorney, Aaron J. Bedy of Tampa, stated in a “Motion for Re-Consideration” that Bradley Anderson’s accusation is inaccurate.  The legal filing indicates the coins were shipped to the Andersons’ business office on April 8 and that there is no proof Ryan Anderson ever brought them home, or that Bradley Anderson ever dropped them off at Ryan’s residence before the evening of April 9.  However, one of the sheriff’s reports seems to say that Anderson showed Newton the coins before they went out to dinner, when more accurately according to Newton’s defense, she was shown the coins via photographs on Anderson’s cell phone. Bedy’s Motion also states, “To think a hysterical woman would open the safe to steal goods from it is “’preposterous.’” Bedy further stated that 12 to 14 people were coming and going from the garage after the incident with the safe open the entire time. 

Allegedly, when Bradley Anderson was notified of Ryan’s death, he insinuated or accused Newton of murdering his brother, saying, “That bitch Lacey is responsible for this.”  He then later claimed she had taken his brother’s luxury watches.  These accusations have been disproved, according to Newton’s attorney’s defense.

Peter Rivellini and Garrison Cohen of Clearwater are Bradley Anderson’s attorneys.

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