The Cure: Tips To Remove Vastu Dosh From Your Surroundings

The Cure: Tips To Remove Vastu Dosh From Your Surroundings

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha, Jo Zindagi Badal De”

— Pallavi Chhelavda

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, August 24, 2021 / — Vastu Dosh can infiltrate your life and affect it in so many ways, from personal, to professional, to financial. You must work on having it cured and remedied to lead a happier, more fulfilling, and stable life.

It can be difficult to remove it from your surroundings, especially if you're living in a house that has been preconstructed—however, there are still ways to do this, including:

Add more mirrors throughout the home

Mirrors look beautiful when added to home décor, and luckily for you, they're also a great fix for removing negative energies. Just be sure not to place the mirror opposite to entrances—which can have the opposite effect.

Use them to alleviate and eradicate bad energy and make your home look more modern, stylish, and beautiful at the same time. Here are some Vastu tips for choosing mirrors for your home.

Bring in healing crystals and wind chimes

Healing crystals and wind chimes have some of the most positive effects on Vasu Dosh that you can imagine. Crystals, especially amethyst, hematite, and a few others, are most desirable for this purpose since they are powerful at removing negative presences and energies. Crystal pyramids have become increasingly popular due to their roles as energy mediators and décor items.

Wind chimes are another great symbol of peace, tranquility, harmony, and calm. Put them up in your balcony, patio, backyard, or porch and let them work their magic as they turn away bad energy and bring in positive energy.

Look into repainting your interior walls

You'd be surprised at how much of an impact even the colors of your walls can have on Vastu Dosh. Choose lighter shades and pastels in bedrooms since they emulate peace and harmony, while children's rooms can be brighter and bolder. Neutrals and lighter shades like beige and cream are great choices for living rooms, while brighter hues like orange and yellow are excellent for dining rooms.

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