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“The Light”, Lakeland LEDC Inspires and Supports

April 21 2020

This week’s update is about supporting local creatives and inspiration.  In January, LEDC, Chastain Skillman and Indie Atlantic Films started working on a talent recruitment video project.  We decided we needed to pivot on the project due to recent events.  Instead of focusing on those outside our community, we thought it would be more powerful to shine the light on our heroes right here in Lakeland. 

This video, “The Light” was proudly made by Lakeland Locals: 

  • Created & Produced by LEDC Member Andy McEntire with Indie Atlantic Films
  • Written by Catapult Member Kevin O’Brien
  • Narrated by Catapult Launch Grant winner & Lakeland Live Executive Director Nate Fleming
  • Music by longtime LEDC and Catapult friend Aaron Marsh with The Vanguard Room

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