The Marketing Messages Your Customers Want To Hear

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When marketing your business, you need to convey the messages that your customers want to hear. We will consider those in a moment.

But here are the things they don’t want to hear. 

They don’t want to hear lies about your product or service. They don’t want to be fed jargon that they don’t understand. And they don’t want to be privy to marketing that is, ultimately, all waffle with no real meaning. 

So, consider this within the marketing messages you create. This will help you avoid mistakes with your Google Ads and any other forms of advertising that you regularly use. 

Here are the messages that your customers want to hear.

#1: We can solve your problem

You need to consider the buyer journey. While there are those consumers who will simply buy something on a whim, there are those that come to spending decisions after realising they have a particular problem. Somebody realising that their home isn’t burglar-proof might turn to a window company or security firm for help, as an example. 

So, consider your product or service. What problem does it solve? Think about it and then market your solution to the demographic that you target in your marketing.

#2: We care about the planet

Today’s customers are not oblivious to the plight the planet is in. As such, they will usually choose those businesses that market themselves as sustainable and green. This is evidenced by one survey that concluded two-thirds of North Americans prefer eco-friendly brands over those that aren’t. 

So, consider this for your business. Have you given consideration to the planet in the way in which you operate? If not, now is the time to do so, as your nearest business rivals could steal away your customers if they are doing more to care for the environment. Take steps in the right direction and then market what you have done to existing and potential customers. Follow the example of Superior Farms sustainability message and showcase what you are doing on your website, social media pages and marketing materials. 

#3: We care about you

If you don’t care about the needs of your customers, they will care little for you. Addressing their particular problem with your product or service is one thing you can do, as we have already discussed, but what other needs do your customers have? 

Those who are working all day might need a business that has flexible opening hours, for example. Customers who need to get hold of a product in a hurry might need a speedy shipping option. As has been common within the recent pandemic, those customers who are struggling to afford new items might need discounted or cheaper items. 

These are just a few of the needs your customers might have. Are you able to meet those needs? If so, market your business in ways that will make your customers appreciate your understanding of them.


You can create the most well-worded marketing message on the planet but if it doesn’t resonate with your customers, you won’t attract their custom. So, think about the messages that they want to hear from you. We have highlighted just a few but take the time to understand your demographic so you can better tailor the way you market to them.


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