The Music Video for “Centerfold” is OUT NOW! – Jordan never Misses…

The Music Video for “Centerfold” is OUT NOW! – Jordan never Misses…

An up-and-coming Artist from Atlanta is making waves with his new music video

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2022 / — Jordan Bolch is back with another ecstatic Music Video! The song “Centerfold” from his sophomore album “World Tour” gained popularity among local as well as international fans. The Music video definitely lived up to its height! Shot by Media Monsters, the video captures an extravagant and luxurious vibe.

Creative photography and aesthetic cinematography complemented each aspect of the song. Jordan rebranded the classic money, cars, and girls’ theme into a 2022 version, which presented a fresh look.

The instrumental’s future-pop and hip-hop elements paired with the chill and confident delivery of Jordan Bolch already made the song a hit! With an aesthetic video, people are now paying even more attention to this priceless gem. The video perfectly matched the music; the balance between the two is quite impressive.

Riding through the city and living his life to the fullest, Jordan is proud to showcase his success and isn’t shy to flex luxury cars and beautiful girls because he worked hard for everything he earned.

The video reminded viewers of the famous Jay-Z lyrics “Arm out the window, through the city, I maneuver slowly” from the song “Otis.” Jordan is a student of the game, and the way he presents his art, you can tell that he has learned and practiced every minute detail of the writing, production, recording, mixing, and mastering process. A bad mix can ruin a good song, and an ideal mix can take it up a notch.

Let’s take a minute and appreciate the lighting and color selection in the video. The production team deserves all the credit for creating an ecstatic atmosphere for the song. They did a great job! The video shows Jordan sitting alone in the chair, symbolizing his status as the lone heir to the royal throne.

The music video will inspire people to go back and check his full projects, as they contain numerous bangers like “Centerfold.” The album “World Tour” features complimentary tracks with energetic and vibrant instrumentals, providing listeners an international, extravagant, and satisfying feel.

Jordan continues to push the envelope creatively with genre-bending music and videos. Including multiple elements from diverse genres and making it all work is never easy. So, props to Jordan and his team members for the perfect execution of the idea.

About the Artist
Jordan Bolch is a musician, recording artist, singer, producer, songwriter, and record producer. Releasing music for over 7 years, he has created a solid fanbase for his style of music and found a way to be outstanding and unique in a competitive business.

Besides his musical career, Jordan is a businessman as well. He’s a co-founder of the famous and elegant streetwear brand “Six Feathers.” He also owns private recording studios and a company called “Auricle Studios.” Bolch is also the co-owner of “Media Monsters” and “Star Films,” Miami’s premier boutique film studio, VFX, and animation house located in Miami’s Design District.

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