This Too Shall Pass – Great Things Coming In 2020

Commentary By: Brian Burns

Yes, 2020 has been one hell of a year so far. We lost Kobe, Puerto Rico experienced a horrendous earthquake, and the COVID-19 virus has completely changed how we live. We don’t shake hands or make eye contact with people at the local grocery stores. A plethora of people have lost their jobs and businesses have shuttered doors. We have the safer-at home orders in place and get our social contact from social media and the television.

Yes, things look bleak at best, with no true end to this madness in sight. There is good news, however.

This will pass.

We will be stronger for it and appreciate things in ways that we never have. People have come together to help others in ways they never have before, and those things will be remembered and reflected on for years to come.

When we as a community, a nation, come through this pandemic, the ones that we lost will be memorialized and respected in the dignified way that’s deserved.

We need to focus, together, on becoming stronger as a community and as neighbors. The resiliency to raise from this and assist our small businesses in our communities to once again thrive. To rebuild what’s been broken.

We, as neighbors can do this. Together. That’s who we are and that’s what we will do.

Take this time to make a plan for the post-pandemic near future for you and set goals to achieve. Focus on the ones that are close to you and love. Support, even if in thought, our service workers, our healthcare professionals, and our emergency personnel. They are on the front lines. From being an emergency room nurse or even the cashier at your local Publix, they are there for us.

There are great things happening in 2020. Although tough to see right now, or even understand, they are wonderful things. And things that will be told in stories for generations to come. You are part of this history, although as grim as it feels right now, you have the ability to make this story one of heroic sentiments and a story of coming together as a community and nation.

Together, we will overcome this.


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2 Replies to “This Too Shall Pass – Great Things Coming In 2020”

  1. Sadly we have surrendered our LIBERTY and FREEDOM without FIRING A SHOT. Our Forefathers would absolutely be ashamed of us.

  2. Very nicely written and uplifting as I read it. There is so much to be thankful for, and to being able to help those in need is crucial. We will appreciate life more in subtle ways and in giving ways. Unfortunately, we all continue to have our up and down days because at my age, this does not feel real or like it should have even happened the way that it did.

    Yes, we do owe a lot to those on the front lines. From doctors and nurses, to cashiers in supermarkets, and carry out food and the many others that continue to show up for their jobs for the good of the people.

    This is affecting people in all walks of life – to include the people that do not have enough money for food or mortgages, etc. They are facing losing everything they have worked so hard for. It will tear some families apart, and it will bring other families closer. I do feel that many people will be so ready to patronize the businesses as they come back. Our way of showing them we want them to survive and get strong again.

    Trying to destroy our great country and the people in it – hit in so many ways, financially, job loss, business loss, loss of lives, and loss of our liberties. Just how much have great Americans been taken advantage of? We will find out in time…

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