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Thoughts From The Obstinate Grandmother, Volume 3 – Joe Biden

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m The Obstinate Grandmother.

I’m opinionated, armed to the teeth, and subtle as a 2 x 4 upside your head if you insist on pushing my buttons. I have no patience for stupid or lazy people and I won’t filter my first amendment rights to coddle your fragile little feelings. So all you “woke” people yearning for safe spaces and participation trophies, you best be moving along.

But for the rest of you, strap in sweeties because I’m fixing to give you the straight-up skinny on something that really pisses me off.

Today’s Topic: Joe Biden

I’m just gonna come right out and say what a lot of people are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud because of all you cancel-culture social justice creatures skulking in the shadows waiting for sane people to speak up so you can spring forth and try to shame them into silence… Joe Biden sucks.

Most of you little darlin’s aren’t old enough to realize how long this man has been an epic hemorrhoid in the annals of American politics.

It’s so cute how ya’ll think that “Corn Pop” “malarkey” was something new. Hell, Joe’s been lying his ass off since when he slithered his way into the political swamp.

While you’re watching him screw American troops and Afghani translators, you don’t realize he was the only senator to do the same thing to the North Vietnamese forces back in 1975.

Yeah, he eulogized a KKK leader, lied about his academic record when making his first failed presidential run and he plagiarized A LOT of speeches. But are you braced for the horrid live-stream executions that will surely come out of Afghanistan, now that he – as president — has given them the names of the Americans he has abandoned there?

You know what? It’s not Biden I’m pissed at after all. Hell. You know it as well as I do. He’s not running anything. That man can’t match his own socks in the morning, let alone make a logical decision regarding the security of our nation… and the rest of the world.

Before Secret Service had to help Joe totter into the White House, we had record high GDP, record-high employment (especially for minorities), a secure border, and energy independence. Now we’ve got chaos… everywhere. It’s not Joe who owes us an explanation of what the hell’s going on. It’s the people who voted for him that owe the rest of us a come-to-Jesus confession. The scary reality is YOUR vote brought this horror show to fruition.

Hard-ass reality check: Either a majority of you voted for him and you’re okay with the terrifying hell that’s spreading across the globe, or he didn’t really win and this should NOT be happening.

It can be both, sweetie. But it can’t be neither.

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