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Thoughts From The Obstinate Grandmother, Volume 4 – Afghanistan

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m The Obstinate Grandmother.

I’m opinionated, armed to the teeth, and subtle as a 2 x 4 upside your head if you insist on pushing my buttons. I have no patience for stupid or lazy people and I won’t filter my first amendment rights to coddle your fragile little feelings. So all you “woke” people yearning for safe spaces and participation trophies, you best be moving along.

But for the rest of you, strap in sweeties because I’m fixing to give you the straight-up skinny on something that really pisses me off.

Today’s Topic: No American Left Behind

Before I open my mouth, let me tell you sweeties, I almost didn’t write this column today. It weren’t ‘cause I don’t have anything to say. Hell no. I’ve always got something to say about per’t near damn everything. But right now I am so “angry-pissed” that I even had to think these words in my head let alone put them to paper. What the hell is wrong with our “leaders”? Better yet… why the hell have we allowed it?

I’m writing today in memory of my parents. Both were U.S. Marines. Yes, it gave me that proverbial “asses and elbows” childhood, but I learned something from them that seems to be a ‘cast you into the fires of hell sin’ these days… Patriotism.

Love of country. Yeah, learned a bunch of other helpful things, most began with “Heidy Didey Christ Almighty” and some other phrases that would set the editor’s nose hairs on fire. But I learned honor, morals, and the ultimate code – no one is ever left behind.

I’m not a fan of war and, unless you have a serious mental deficiency, I doubt you’re a fan of war either. But if we’re in it, our goal should be nothing less than to win it unequivocally and without compromise or apology. Win it and bring all of our people home.

How did this, the longest-running conflict in American history end so bad? I could rant about Joe’s childish decision-making skills… again. I mean, come on, who in the hell leaves the battlefield in the middle of the night, sets a random date of exit, doesn’t tell their allies, and does it all while abandoning American civilians and Afghan friends in a warzone controlled by the enemy?

No one with an ounce of common sense or a single firing synapse in the skull.

Listen, you can blame Joe all you want, but that man’s cornbread ain’t baked all the way in the middle. No. There were a whole lot of folks in the room helping to make this mistake, and a whole party willing to deny their failure. Those bad decisions made by an entire administration of failed American leaders, left 13 dead on the battlefield and a still unknown number to fight their own way out of a horror of our creation.

I am angry, I’m sad, I’m embarrassed, and I am worried that the same values that helped create this amazing nation are the same values that our government has in such short supply.

While we can’t bring back to life our 13 American heroes, we must fight for all of those that our government has left behind.

Once again kiddies, what are you going to do about it?

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One Reply to “Thoughts From The Obstinate Grandmother, Volume 4 – Afghanistan”

  1. Thoughts like yours follow the reasoning we elected Dan Crenshaw as our Congressman. As a 9-year vet (1962-71), I feel what you express so well. God bless you, and never, ever, let pompous trash like this ruin our great nation.

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