As columnist Nick Geddes of the conservative sports website noted on Saturday, “Apple is going ALL IN in the name of being inclusive by featuring a new pregnant man and pregnant person emoji.”

Threading A Needle Amid Upheaval In Abortion And Gender Identity Politics

Life comes at you fast, they say. And never faster than when trying to keep up with the vertigo-inducing, shape-shifting, and frequently hypocritical trends emanating from the left.

The Associated Press offers an example.

The leaking of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationally, and helped spur an estimated 60 million abortions over the past five decades, caused some political whiplash on the left.

Suddenly, the all-trans, all the time agenda was tabled so Democrats could defend the “right” of women to obtain an abortion.

Mind you it was almost yesterday that leftists, including those in the medical profession, were telling us “girls” could get erections.

In an April 23 interview with NPR discussing a new book on puberty by the American Academy of Pediatrics, an actual medical doctor said, “But some girls — for example, transgender girls — might not get their periods. They need to understand about erections and those changes in their bodies.”

Journalists are not immune from this chaos. And so we get the AP trying to settle into the sweet spot of the rising trans movement and the possibility Roe is added to history’s garbage pile.

On Wednesday, an AP reporter in Tennessee tweeted an advisory about the wire service’s new lingo in discussing pregnancy.

“Phrasing like pregnant people or people who seek an abortion seeks to include people who have those experiences but do not identify as women, such as some transgender men and nonbianary people,” the AP’s editors proclaimed.

“Such phrasing should be confined to stories that specifically address the experience of people who do not identify as women.”

For those keeping score at home, when the AP reports on the end of the world that the gutting of Roe is supposed to bring about, it suffices to discuss women – as in actual biological women.

Democrats have picked up on this since Sunday, claiming women control their own bodies and are rightful in asserting living on their own terms, including, if not especially, when it comes to getting abortions.

“Pregnant people” refers to all others. Hence, the AP is assuring us “men” can get abortions, too.

A month ago, Colorado adopted a law that guaranteed “pregnant individuals” the right to an abortion. Two months ago, a future Supreme Court justice told Americans she could not define what a woman is because she’s “not a biologist.” A year ago, Democrats in Congress, like left-wing Rep. Cori Bush, advocated for “birthing people.”

Now, with Roe on the line, they’re telling us about the sanctity of “women’s” rights.

Get it first, but first get it right” was the slogan of the long-defunct International News Service. In the era of woke, that seems to be an incredibly challenging task.  

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