Tide Turning? Some Students At Left-Wing UC-Berkeley Seek To Recall Black Student Senator Behind Racist Rants

Conservatives in California were wildly unsuccessful in trying to convince their fellow state residents to dump Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

But they’re hoping to have better luck with a college student rep at the University of California-Berkeley, who seems to be a practitioner of reverse racism.

According to The College Fix, a conservative website, students at UC-Berkeley demand that Gabbie Sharp resign her post as a student senator.

Sharp’s critics point to several social media posts that demean white people and Latinos, the Fix reported.

Sharp is listed as an independent on her official campus bio. Yet her Twitter account leaves no doubt about her radical wokeness.

“Sharp explains that she exclusively advocates for the communities that placed her in power at the school, namely ‘the Black community, Queer and Trans community, as well as the Berkeley Student Cooperative.’” the Fix noted.

“It is this exclusive treatment that proponents of the recall say is unfair to the greater Berkeley community.”

On Reddit, one UC student observed that Sharp, who was elected,  shouldn’t decide whom she wants to serve.

“ Gabbi was elected to serve the student body — not to serve particular races or groups in the student body,” the student continued. “If a white elective official came out and said ‘I only represent and serve white people’ then I’d be pissed. That’s not how the world works. Elective officials serve the community.”

The Fix added that Sharp’s Twitter account, which has the user handle “Black Women Supremacist,” is private, but her thoughts have been archived.

She spewed ideas such as “why did this whitino call herself lightskin?” In another, she said, “if you are white and i make you anxious, good.” She also posted, “I couldn’t be an African American Studies professor because I’d be kicking the non Black motherf–kers out for their dumba– thoughts.”

When her tweets came up as a topic at a student government meeting, Sharp responded, “My communities are the only reason I am in the senate. I genuinely do not care what other communities think about me because I was not elected to represent them, and as long as both of my communities want me in the senate, I plan to stay.”

Reddit posted some of her gems and took a poll of whether she should be recalled. The results were 1,500 in favor of a recall, 320 against.

While it’s unclear whether, as with Newsom, voters at one of the most liberal campuses in America would boot one of their own, some good news is that some students see the obvious nature of Sharp’s racism.

The Fix reported that one Reddit commenter pointed out, “Its racist af lol, all these clowns arguing semantics, ‘its not racist cause she doesnt have institutional power’. Well yes she does have institutional power, she governs over the entire student body which includes white people.”

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