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Tiger Financial News Network Surpasses 1 Million Views in 2020 as Viewership Surges

TFNN CEO Tom O’Brien

TFNN has surpassed 1 million views this year, up more than 55% compared with 2019 viewership numbers, capitalizing off the rush of new traders into the market.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, USA, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tiger Financial News Network (TFNN), a financial media outlet that delivers concise and valuable insights to millions of investors and active traders, just surpassed 1 million views for 2020, representing a stunning 55% growth rate versus all of 2019 numbers.

As new investors discovered the stock market when stuck at home this year, they turned to TFNN for valuable trading education and insights. TFNN launched a new web site at the start of 2019 to further enhance the experience of investors across the company’s media channels, which range from daily live broadcast, to website and social media, to YouTube and many others. This investment has proven to be effective in capitalizing off the trends of 2020.

The views for TFNN’s YouTube channel have surged from 647K in all of 2019 to more than 1 million views so far in 2020, representing a 55% growth year over year with 3 weeks still remaining. TFNN’s viewers are unlike most, with an average watch time of about 32 minutes per view. This amounts to over 32 million minutes of TFNN programming viewed so far this year. Once they start watching they do not stop. TFNN often calls this their “Hotel California Effect”, because you can “check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!”. These numbers represent a powerful example of the value that TFNN offers to advertisers and sponsors.

With a shift across the entire workforce to work from home, and stock markets experiencing volatility that we have not seen in the last decade, TFNN expects those number to grow even more in 2021 as the world looks to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In 2021, TFNN will continue to expand its reach as we meet the exacting needs of the investment community,” said Tom O’Brien, the founder of TFNN. “These investors have come to depend on TFNN as a trusted partner. We won’t disappoint them.”

That bond is “unique in the industry,” according to advertisers.

“What TFNN offers is unique in the industry,” said Trey Robinson, who as an executive at Charles Schwab and former CMO of OptionsXpress frequently committed significant portions of his marketing budget to TFNN’s advertising and sponsorship programs. “TFNN reaches investors that are willing to take chances and have the disposable income to execute on those opportunities. The ROI is very powerful.” The statistics support that.

TFNN clients are individual investors who are active in the markets:
• Nearly 90% are making decisions for their own portfolio
• Over 40% indicate they trade 3-10 times a month, and 34% indicate that they trade 11-25 times a month
• Over 80% use an active trading approach for a portion of their portfolios
• While 95% dedicate a portion of their portfolios to buy and hold strategies
• Predominantly own or expect to own; Stocks (88%), ETFs (83%), Gold (47%) and Options (53%)

They are educated professionals, who live in the US and have investable assets:
• 76% have college degrees with 32% having graduate degrees
• 10% are 18-24 years old, 63% are over 45, with 56% between 35-66 years old
• 53% earn over $100k and 60% report an estimate net worth of over $500K
• 94% list a US address as their primary residence

They understand and value TFNN content as evidenced by:
• 74% visit TFNN.com daily
• 83% tune into TFNN for the education on financial markets, 85% for trading tips and tactics; 77% for expert trades
• 80% listen to more than one TFNN program
• 76% are likely to recommend TFNN to friend or colleague indicating a high level of customer satisfaction

O’Brien said TFNN’s success is tied to education.

“We educate directly and interactively,” said O’Brien. “It is our goal to assist you in achieving your financial objectives – thoughtfully and prudently – through education and ongoing communication. Through our interactive website and call-in talk shows, TFNN is able to teach all levels of investors the technical skills needed for trading in today's marketplace.”

To learn more about TFNN’s advertising program, call 877-518-9190, or email Advertising@TFNN.com

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