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Tips For First Time Home Owners

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Are you moving out? Well, take the stress out of this monumental moment in your life by following these handy tips for soon-to-be first-time homeowners. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, this guide will help with some of the things to look out for when taking this first step in your life. 

Finally, acquiring the means to move out of your parent/guardian’s home and live on your own without any support is one of the most daunting events in a person’s life. There are so many plates spinning and balls to juggle that it can get quite overwhelming. Everything from finding a good location to finding a property within your price range that meets all your needs, there are a lot of options you have to weigh up.

That said, it is also one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life, and if well prepared, the process can be easy and fun. It’s important to find a property that suits you and not the most readily available one as it’s likely that you’ll be living there for some time; it may even be your forever home. Here are just some tips to take some of the stress out of that first big move. 

Storage Space and measurements

When you start looking for a new property, it is essential that you know the measurements of walls, ceilings, and other general spaces, especially if you are moving somewhere unfurnished. This cannot be understated.

Knowing this will help you better organize and evaluate if and how your possessions can be stored inside the property. Obviously, the more storage space, the better, as it’s likely you will acquire more possessions as you continue to live there. This also goes for spaces for furnishings such as White goods, wardrobes/cupboards, and soft furnishings. 


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the old adage goes. When you’re moving property, it is important to ensure you have everything in order before moving day to limit faff and stress. This means organizing with a moving team or hiring a van early, having cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes to correctly and safely store and move your belongings and clearly label each one to avoid any confusion. It’s often a good idea to keep a suitcase at the ready for moving day to store your essentials as they’ll be the first things you need to unpack when you arrive at your new place.

A Deep Clean

Normally when moving to a new property, it is customary for the previous homeowners to do a deep clean. However, it is easy for areas to go unnoticed. You can often find large carpet stains or mold behind wall mirrors or where paintings once were. It’s hard to feel like you’ve settled into your nice new home if it still feels like it has the presence of the previous homeowners. 

Final Thoughts 

Of course, there are more factors to consider when moving home. The main this is to keep organized and stay prepared. If you’re currently looking for a new home and having trouble finding the right property for you in the Miami area, consider consulting some of the beach top real estate agents


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