Nicholas Ryan Garrison (TPD)

Trading Card Thief Tackled: Oklahoma Man Sentenced To Prison For Rare Card Heist

Nicholas Ryan Garrison (TPD)
Nicholas Ryan Garrison (TPD)

A former Tulsa resident is facing the consequences of a high-stakes crime after being sentenced for stealing valuable trading cards. Nicholas Ryan Garrison, 25, received a 27-month federal prison sentence on Monday for burglary in Indian Country.

Garrison’s crime spree came to light in February 2021 when a local gaming and trading card store reported a break-in. Surveillance footage revealed Garrison smashing display cases and taking thousands of dollars worth of rare cards, including coveted Pokemon collectibles.

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The investigation took a turn when DNA evidence, traced back to Garrison from a cut he sustained during the burglary, linked him to the crime. Furthermore, authorities discovered his involvement in similar thefts across four states: Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas. Due to Garrison’s tribal affiliation with the Cherokee Nation, the case was pursued in federal court.

“This case highlights the significant value some trading cards hold,” said U.S. Attorney Trent Smith for the Northern District of Oklahoma in a statement. “Not only did Mr. Garrison cause damage to the store, but he also stole property that held immense sentimental and financial worth to the victims.”

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Following his prison term, Garrison will face three years of supervised release. The hefty price tag of his crime doesn’t end there – he’s also been ordered to repay a staggering $298,771.90 in restitution to the affected businesses.

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