Florida Governor DeSantis, Donald Trump

Trump Holds Commanding Lead Over DeSantis Among Republicans, Despite Legal Troubles

Florida Governor DeSantis, Donald Trump
Florida Governor DeSantis, Donald Trump (TFP File Photo)

Despite his mounting legal problems, former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over his closest rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Citing a New York Times and Siena College poll, The Hill noted that Trump leads DeSantis among GOP voters by 37 points.

The poll had Trump the favorite with 54% of likely Republican primary voters, while DeSantis was the choice of 17%. None of the other GOP candidates topped 3%.

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Trump also maintained a broad lead when the choice was narrowed to just the two front-runners.

In a head-to-head matchup against DeSantis, Trump led 62-31.

The Hill noted: “Despite Trump’s growing legal battles, the survey showed Trump leading the GOP race in almost all demographic, regional and ideological groups, pollsters said, including leads among varying age groups, education levels, gender, and those in suburbs, cities and rural areas.”

Meanwhile, The Hill added, “DeSantis trails in some of the Republican Party’s largest voter groups, with only 9 percent of support from voters at least 65 years old and 13 percent from those without a college degree. Sixty-five percent of Republicans who consider themselves “very conservative” also said they support Trump, while DeSantis secured support from only 15 percent of them, according to the survey.”

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The bright side for DeSantis is that nearly half of Republican voters replied that they are open to someone besides Trump.

Overall, 52% of respondents said they are “only” considering Trump in the primary, compared to 46% who said they are open to supporting someone else.

Additionally, among those who were not supporting Trump in the Republican race, 55% said they were “not considering” Trump in the primary, versus only 34% who said they were considering supporting him if their candidate were out.   

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