Rachel Morin (HCSO)

Trump Slams Biden For Lax Border Policies After Illegal Immigrant Murders Maryland Mom Of 5

Rachel Morin (HCSO)
Rachel Morin (HCSO)

Former President Donald Trump on Monday slammed President Joe Biden for immigration policies that led to the senseless killing of yet another American woman, this time a Maryland mother of five.

Trump reacted to the arrest last week of Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, in the rape and brutal murder of Rachel Morin of Harford County, Maryland, last August.

Morin, 37, was discovered on the Ma & Pa Trail after she was reported missing. Martinez-Hernandez, who fled El Salvador as the suspect in a murder case down there, was captured in Oklahoma.

“ANOTHER one of Crooked Joe Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Criminals was just charged with raping and murdering ANOTHER innocent American woman!” Trump said Monday on Truth Social, his social media platform.

“Rachel Morin was on a run in Maryland, just like Laken Riley was in Georgia, when she was brutally killed by an illegal monster who was wanted for murder in El Salvador and fled to the USA because he knew Crooked Joe would let him in. Now Rachel Morin’s 5 young children will grow up without their mother because Crooked Joe refuses to shut down the border.”

Riley was a 22-year-old nursing student who was killed by an illegal immigrant in February. The suspect in that case was from Venezuela and had ties to a prominent criminal gang there.

“As a matter of fact, this week, Biden is preparing to give MASS AMNESTY to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens!” Trump continued.

“This is unsustainable and can’t be allowed to continue! On day one, we will SHUT DOWN THE BORDER and start deporting millions of Biden’s Illegal Criminals. We will once again put AMERICANS First and MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!”

“To Rachel Morin’s family and especially her 5 children, May God be with you!” Trump concluded.

As the Tampa Free Press reported on Monday, Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler attributed Morin’s murder to America’s “porous southern border” under Biden.

“This is yet another tragic and preventable death of an innocent victim at the hands of someone who should not even be in our country,” Gahler told reporters.

“The porous border is not just a political issue; it is a matter of public safety and national security. We are seeing the deadly consequences firsthand in our own community.”

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