Trump’s Plan To Not Tax Tips Catches Fire Among GOP Lawmakers And Activists (MTG X)

Trump’s Plan To Not Tax Tips Catches Fire Among GOP Lawmakers And Activists

Trump’s Plan To Not Tax Tips Catches Fire Among GOP Lawmakers And Activists (MTG X)
Trump’s Plan To Not Tax Tips Catches Fire Among GOP Lawmakers And Activists (MTG X)

Former President Donald Trump has unleashed a new push to pick up another overlooked voting bloc: waiters and waitresses.

Last week in Las Vegas, Trump announced a new policy that, if he’s elected, would end assessing income taxes on tips.

“It’s been a point of contention for years and years and years,” Trump said at a Vegas rally. “It’s something that really is deserved. … I think it’s never been brought up before, and I also think it’s very appropriate.”

Republican lawmakers have picked up Trump’s cue.

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On Friday, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky posted on X: “This week Trump suggested we shouldn’t tax tips. He’s right. Next week I’ll be re-introducing @RonPaul’s original Tax Free Tips Act to eliminate taxes on tips!”

Paul, a former Republican congressman from Texas and father of Se. Rand Paul, had filed such a bill in March 2011. He promoted the idea while running for president in 2012.

In a January 2012 opinion article, Rep. Paul wrote, “It’s an outrage that waiters, waitresses and other service-sector employees have to pay taxes on the tips they earn. And to add insult to injury, the IRS makes an estimate of how much service-sector workers will make in tips and taxes them on it even if the taxpayer did not actually earn as much as the IRS estimate!”

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“I understand ending taxes on tips will give these workers a pay raise, letting them keep more money to put toward things like a house or car payment, their retirement, or their own and/or their children’s education. If elected president, I will end this injustice on service-industry workers all across our nation by abolishing all taxes on tips once and for all.”

After Trump’s announcement, Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota told The Hill, “This tips thing was genius. [Trump] was like, ‘I’d love to tell you it was based on a bunch of research, but it was based on a discussion with a waitress who said, ‘They’re coming after my tips.'”   

On X, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene urged Trump fans to write the message on their receipts as they tip servers.

“I absolutely LOVE President Trump’s plan for NO TAX ON TIPS!! Write it on every receipt you sign!” she posted.

Conservative activist Scott Presler added on X, “The next time you go out to eat or visit a bar, please tip & write on the receipt, ‘Elect Trump & you’ll keep 100% of your tips.’ Take a picture & let’s grow the trend. Trump Won’t Tax Tips.”

As ZeroHedge noted, “All of this shows how Democrats are out of touch with the nation’s vibe.” “Radical leftists in the White House are too focused on funding endless wars, such as the one in Ukraine, the woke indoctrination of children, catering to illegal aliens rather than voters, not enforcing common sense law and order in cities, and pushing for more taxes and bigger government.”

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