The Biden administration will appeal a federal judge’s decision to end Title 42, a policy invoked under the Trump administration, to curb the spread of COVID-19, according to a court document published Wednesday.

Two Florida Republicans Call For GOP To Make Border Top Priority As Title 42 Fades

Two Florida Republicans argued the GOP must make border security a top priority once the party is in charge of the House, as Title 42 fades away.
E; Paso Border, TFP File Photo

Two Florida Republicans argued the GOP must make border security a top priority once the party is in charge of the House, as Title 42 fades away.

Appearing on Fox News together, Reps. Byron Donalds and Michael Waltz criticized the Biden admin for surrendering the border, especially to the drug cartels.

“House Republicans are going to be hamstrung by this spending bill,” Donalds told Fox News host Tammy Bruce. “What are the leverage points to actually require the Biden administration to actually secure the border?”

He maintained that we need to “give border agents the ability to make credible threats of fear at the border,” and that we “don’t allow people to make asylum claims at the southern border.”

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“If you do those two things,” Donalds, a Naples Republican, said, “that will actually limit the capabilities of people to use the drug cartels to come into the United States.”

“The media’s willingness to feed the Biden administration’s narrative, and Senate Republicans passing this omnibus deal with Democrats, “have really put us behind the eight ball about what to do with border security,” said Donalds.

The Mexican cartels “are going to make $15 billion this year trafficking people and fentanyl into the United States of America,” Donalds added. “It is unconscionable. And we must stand with whatever that lever is, we need to use it to make sure we secure the homeland here in the United States.”

Waltz, a St. Augustine Republican, said military assets were needed to stop the cartels’ activity.

“We need to designate these cartels that are behind all of it as either a terrorist organization or terrorist-lite organization,” said Waltz.

“We need to put sanctions on these companies that we know are producing fentanyl as part of their asymmetric warfare to kill Americans, working with national criminal organizations, including the Mexican cartels,” he continued.

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“We need to use military assets,” Waltz added.

“I’m not talking boots on the ground, but cyber, space assets and other things we can be doing to jam the cartels, disrupt their organization, go after their money, and shut them down. We did it years ago to the cartels in Colombia, and we can do it again if we have the will.”

Waltz suggested President Joe Biden should use the opportunity of an international summit next month with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Manuel López Obrador to make the case for Mexico to deploy its national guard on Mexico’s southern border.

“I doubt we’re going to see that from Biden,” said Waltz. “But we’ll see what Biden does.”

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