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U.S. Army Blocks Comments On Its Woke Recruiting Ad Because Of Overwhelmingly Negative Reaction

Some of us are old enough to remember when the U.S. Army unveiled the dumbest recruitment ad of all time.

“We do more before 9 a.m.,” the voiceover said, “than most people do all day.”

Not exactly the way to get the slackers off their couches. But at least it showed the military doing militaristic things, like parachuting out of a C-130 aircraft.

The new woke Army of the Biden era is vastly different.  

The current Army unveiled a series of partly animated ads under the name “The Calling” about why a “rich tapestry” of individual soldiers – as the Pentagon, which failed to include any white men, described it – joined the Army.

A recent one was an animated tale of Cpl. Emma Malonelord, a California woman who in the commercial proudly describes how the marriage of her two moms inspired her to enlist.

Malonelord notes how her “fairly typical childhood” was augmented by marches in gay pride parades to “defend freedom.”

The American public, suffice to say, was not amused.

The Army Times reported on Thursday that the military disabled the comments section on YouTube because of the overwhelmingly negative response.

The video, the Times noted racked up 36,000 dislikes and only 775 likes.

Laura DeFrancisco, public affairs chief for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office, told Army Times, “Beginning May 12 we started noticing a significant uptick in negative commentary. The comments violated our social media policy and were not aligned with Army values. Out of respect for the safety and wellbeing of our soldiers and their families, we have disabled the comments.”

There’s another defining feature of the Biden era.

We supposedly train these people to fight enemies all over the globe, yet the Army silences critics of its misguided recruitment effort – taxpayers who fund the Pentagon and expect its protection – because a soldier’s feelings might get hurt.

But that was not the end of the story.

While Cpl. Malonelord was getting slammed on social media, another military ad, this one by Vladimir Putin’s defense forces, was making the rounds.

That clip showed ominous, beefy, brawny Dolph Lundgren types getting their heads shaved, doing push-ups shirtless, loading automatic weapons and sniper rifles, and parachuting from an airplane.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas also shared the concerns of a large swath of this nation worried about its survival.

“Holy crap,” Cruz tweeted. “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea.”

Or perhaps that was captured by Dan Gainor or the conservative Media Research Center.

“We are so doomed,” he tweeted over the Russian ad.

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8 Replies to “U.S. Army Blocks Comments On Its Woke Recruiting Ad Because Of Overwhelmingly Negative Reaction”

  1. vlad is going to stomp emma’s guts, then he’s going after wimps like you.

  2. It’s not only sad to see that politics has permeated the military. The woke recruiting ads do nothing to bring the bravest and the Patriots . Instead it gives the sign to enemies of this Nation that, America is a Nation in decline. The appointment and confirmation of a paper General to lead the Pentagon is dangerous at best and and indefensible at worst. From the very beginning of the present Administration it has become clear that our leaders are more interested in placating the whiners and weak in our Society, than present to our enemies an Armed Force populated by strong warriors ready to defend us at the cost of their lives, if necessary.
    America is no longer willing to face the perils of an ever increasing hostile World. We no longer have leaders, we now have politicians at the helm. The Generals of the past, now tumble in their graves and, shed tears of sadness at how low our military might has been perverted with so called leaders, more vested in kissing the asses of their polical masters than the defense of our once great and feared Nation. May the AllMighty save our Nation by damning them all to the soul consuming fires of Hades.

  3. So our service people are emasculated because Russia puts out some propaganda BS for their armed services? I guess soldiers have to be killing machines only and not people with feelings and goals and families and lives. I’d be surprised to see if the actors in the Russian ad are actually service men…

  4. I didn’t get that; I saw advertising that send an inclusive message. It show an obvious intelligent young lady who was at the end of her undergrad studies but gave it up to follow her calling to serve her country. Many of you with the negative comments have never even put on the uniform for this country and have no clue into what goes on in that decision process. I have put on the uniform and to me the msg is clear. People make up our military and in Russia, China, etc, people make up their military. Our people issues are no different than their people issues.

  5. I love that the article cites Ginger Gano. Do a little research you have sited a bot. “She” has no public profile and is running for office in 2022? Yet 41k people are following her. It amazes me the stupidity we have reached due to internet information.

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