U.S. Democratic Lawmaker Ends Invocation By Giving Them an Amen – and ‘A Woman’

The wokesters keep pushing us toward a more incomprehensible world – especially in the use of everyday language.

Thus, a man or a woman can become a “they,” or if you happen to be Hispanic, the traditional Spanish use of Latino or Latina is trashed for Latinx. We’ve eradicated centuries of normal English by substituting feminine pronouns for masculine ones in referring to all mankind – or is it womankind? On the dour protest fields of colleges like Wellesley, Smith, or Oberlin, we are taught “herstory” instead of history. And we’ve been told that it’s a hate crime – just ask Jordan Peterson – to refer to a man as “he” or ”him,” if that man has decided he is really a “she” or “her.”

Christianity, ironically long bashed as the ultimate practice of the patriarchy, has not been immune from this SJW/politically correct realm. In 2018 Ariana Grande resuscitated an old debate with her song “God is a Woman,” which, as the title indicates, suggests God is a woman. To show how far we’ve come, just six short years earlier feminist blogger Rachel Held Evans was labeled a “heretic” – not a “hermetic”? – for referring to God as “Herself.”

But U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver took this to a new level – and maybe a lower one – on Sunday, when he gave the invocation to open the 117th Congress.

The Kansas City Democrat, who also is an ordained minister, opened the prayer by calling to “Eternal God,” and made a couple of subsequent references to God in asking for a blessing on our country and peace in our land.

Per Cleaver’s invocation, the wokeness that has apparently gripped all of human interaction now has spiritual dimensions.

He closed the 2 ½-minute prayer by saying, “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God … and God known by many names by many different faiths – Amen and A-woman.”

In Greek translations of the Bible, the word “amen” meant “so be it.” NewAdvent.org, a Catholic website notes, “As regards the etymology, Amen is a derivative from the Hebrew verb aman ‘to strengthen’ or ‘Confirm.’”

Obviously those ancient Greeks and Jews just aren’t postmodern enough.  


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  1. I’m in a rural part of Congressman Cleavers district. His corruption as mayor of KC is well known. More importantly as a Christian Minister he knows the exclusive claims of Jesus who said no one enters the Father except thru the Son. He has abandoned truth for money and power. I pray for the people who attended his church.

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