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U.S. Fan-Favorite Publix Targeted for Boycott Over Trump Contribution

Liberals are targeting Florida-based Publix Super Markets, the fifth-largest grocery store chain in America, for cancellation.

The hashtag #BoycottPublix was trending on Twitter on Monday after it became more widely known that a descendant the chain’s late founder, George Jenkins, donated most of the money that sponsored the rally President Donald Trump held in Washington on Jan. 6.

The rally turned tragic when some of the thousands of protesters stormed the Capitol. Five people died in connection with the riot.

The Wall Street Journal had reported on Feb. 1 that Julie Jenkins Fancelli, a prominent donor to the Trump campaign and heiress to the Publix Super Markets Inc. chain, (was convinced) to commit about $300,000 through a top fundraising official for former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, according to organizers.

Her money paid for the lion’s share of the roughly $500,000 rally at the Ellipse where Mr. Trump spoke.”

In a tweet, the company had noted that “Mrs. Fancelli is not an employee of Publix Super Markets, and is neither involved in our business operations nor does she represent the company in any way. We cannot comment on Mrs. Fancelli’s actions.”

“The violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was a national tragedy,” the Publix tweet added. “The deplorable actions that occurred that day do not represent the values, work, or opinions of Publix Super Markets.”

In response to the lefty Twitter mob, one user noted on Monday, “Because one heiress gave some of her money to something, which is totally out if the companies control everyone wants to #BOYCOTTPUBLIX. You’re all idiots. And, by the way, Publix is an EMPLOYEE OWNED company so guess who you’re really hurting during a pandemic.”

Another added, “So if the boycott works… hundreds or thousands of minority employees will be unemployed from a company ranking No. 3 out of 100 for Best Workplaces for Diversity. Twitter outrage is so dumb.”

This is not the first time Publix has faced this kind of adverse reaction over politics.

Members of the Jenkins family had contributed to the 2018 gubernatorial bid by Republican Adam Putnam, Florida’s former agriculture commissioner. Critics were outraged over the family’s support of Putnam, who like them was from Polk County, Florida, for his support for the Second Amendment after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


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2 Replies to “U.S. Fan-Favorite Publix Targeted for Boycott Over Trump Contribution”

  1. And what is wrong with having any political view? We’re in America, remember? Or maybe some want to change the basic premises of what America is all about.

  2. Give me a break! Who gives a shit about this boycott. Remember Florida is RED, people will still shop at Publix idiots!!!

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