U.S. Rep Greg Steube

U.S. GOP Lawmaker Defends Standing by Bible In Equality Act Debate

Conservative Christians may want to give U.S. Rep Greg Steube an amen – and skip the a-woman.

The Sarasota Republican is refusing to kneel to a Democratic colleague’s assertion that God’s will is unimportant or unworthy of consideration in policy debates.

In a recent interview with Breitbart News, Steube rebutted Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler’s claim that “what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”

Nadler made the remark last week as the House debated the Equality Act, which among other provisions would prohibit resistance to the LGBTQ political agenda on religious grounds. His retort, which was preceded by snickers among Democratic lawmakers as Steube spoke, came after Steube argued that God’s will, as expressed through the Bible, defied the argument for gender fluidity.

“In his wisdom, God intentionally made each individual uniquely either male or female. When men or women claim to be able to choose their own sexual identity, they are making a statement that God did not know what he was doing when he created them,” Steube said in his floor remarks.

He then argued that the Equality Act would be the death knell for women’s sports, noting that young women have already sought relief from courts to stop transgender women from participating in and dominating their sports.

“If biological differences didn’t matter, we never would have created and funded separate teams for men and women. We know science supports the idea that there are performance differences between biological men and women in competitive sports. And it’s just common sense to the vast majority of Americans – not just common sense to this Democratic majority,” Steube said.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando over the weekend, Steube predicted this would be a defining issue for Republicans in 2022.

In the Breitbart interview, Steube underscored how absurd the Democrats’ argument was.

“For them to say that God has no place and scripture has no place in our government. or in this Congress, was funny, … (A)s I looked up, above the Speaker’s rostrum, are the only words in the House chamber that says, ‘In God We Trust.’ So very much what is a Christian Judeo nation, and the biblical principles that our country was founded on and the things that should breathe life into our nation’s laws, is very much pertinent to the discussion,” said Steube.

“It just shows you how far left they are, as they don’t even want to hear those type of ideologies spoken on the House floor.”

Steube further noted that 88 percent of the Democratic-led House claim to be Christian.

“I think in their mind — and you got a little taste of that with what Jerry Nadler said — I think in their mind, which I don’t agree with this thought process … but religion and God and Scripture have no place in government,” said Steube.

“It’s interesting that you claim to have faith but you don’t follow that up with your actions.”


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