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U.S. Rep. Boebert To Critics of Gun Display: ‘These Are Ready For Use’

Rep. Lauren Boebert, the feisty Colorado Republican who refuses to back down from promoting Second Amendment rights, is at it again.

This time, the freshman lawmaker was showing and telling.

On Thursday, during a conference call conducted by the House Natural Resources Committee, Boebert complained about a proposed rule to ban carrying of guns in the committee meeting room, The Free Press reported.

Boebert swiped at the committee chairman, Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva of Arizona, saying, “I would like to request at this time personal security detail that the chairman pays for himself for every time I’m stepping into the committee room. If this is passed, the chairman is trying to take responsibility for my personal safety while stripping away my Second Amendment rights.”

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Bobert added, “This rule is absurd and discriminative. This is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights.”

The rule passed in voice vote, undoubtedly supported, unironically, by many of the same lawmakers who have discussed over the past six weeks how the rioters forced them to cower defenseless and impotently in their offices.

Nonetheless, what triggered liberal Democrats on the committee was not Boebert’s demand for security, but rather the firearms she displayed as the backdrop for her Zoom setting. Boebert’s bookcase was adorned with four guns during the session.

“I always thought my dirty dishes piled up and accumulating bacteria were the most dangerous thing in a Zoom background,” tweeted Democratic Rep. Katie Hill of California, who included the hashtag “#SafeStorage.”

Another California Democrat, Rep. Jared Huffman, who led an effort to repeal the 1967 rule that permits members of Congress to carry firearms in the halls of Congress, noted, “Here’s the reality, if someone wants to have a shrine to their gun fetish as a Zoom backdrop in their private life, they can do it. But this is our hearing room. And at some point, we will get past the COVID epidemic and we’ll all start showing up in person. And our safety and our ability to conduct business civilly without feeling threatened is a relevant consideration, unfortunately.”

To the critics, Boebert tweeted:

“Who says this is storage? These are ready for use.”

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2 Replies to “U.S. Rep. Boebert To Critics of Gun Display: ‘These Are Ready For Use’”

  1. Why is she so afraid? All the card crazies extremist and violence gun carrying mob are Boebert constituents. We liberals/moderates know guns only injure or kill people. Boebert isn’t afraid of us.

  2. Damn straight they. Need to stop fucking around with all our consultation rights. Give up one you. May as well give them all up. Thats what BIMBO brainless biden and most demecrats want is to do away with our rights and throw the constitution out the window. About time someone has the balls to come out and stand up for them selves and the constitutional rights of the American Citizens. Unfortunately I have no doubt that she will somehow be punished. Hopefully she wont be and is able to continue Protecting , practicing and,Promoting , everyones constitutional. Rights and God giving rights FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. SHAME on all of those who disagree with this if your not in it for THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. YOU HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR GOVERNMENT ( OR THIS COUNTRY AND Should be REMOVED. )WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER IN OUR GOVERNMENT. Do your fucking jobs and do what you were voted into our government do. Thats not to just. Agree with everything this want to be,sell out,lyeing,,thief,and pretend president bidumb sets in front of you. Fuck him after all you work FOR THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DONT YOU. Sometimes it makes one wonder if you don’t work for China too. Just my opinion. I wanted to say this while I. Still have a constitution right TO DO SO.!!!!!!

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