‘I Object’ U.S. Senate Fails to Vote on $2,000 Stimulus Checks to Americans

The proposed $2,000 stimulus check proposal, died in the Senate today, with one quick, “I object”, from Mitch McConnell.

Following President Donald Trump’s signing of the stimulus bill on Sunday night with $600 stimulus checks, the House on Monday voted to bump the amount to $2,000.

Late Monday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to bump the approved $600 stimulus payments to $2,000 per person. The House-approved, Caring for Americans with Supplemental Help Act (CASH Act) then moved to the Senate. The Monday vote in the House followed President Donald Trump’s signing the $2.3 trillion combination federal-budget and COVID-relief bill on Sunday, which authorized the checks for up to $600 each for qualifying adults and children.

Senator Chuck Schumer asked for the vote on the Senate floor Wednesday but was shut down.

McConnell says he refuses to budge on separating the issues of $2,000 checks, Section 230, and 2020 election fraud in the stimulus bill.

Schumer mentioned something interesting, about stuffing COVID relief into a bill packed with special interest pork. Schumer himself, and all Republicans, and all Democrats are famous for this. They just did this very thing last week.

The fact is, the Democrats stalled on much-needed COVID relief for months to help the democratic election ticket. Both parties and the leaders of these parties are severely broken.


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4 Replies to “‘I Object’ U.S. Senate Fails to Vote on $2,000 Stimulus Checks to Americans”

  1. Act like it’s coming out of thier pockets, stop thier salary see how they feels for a year!!!

  2. He thinks we’re not struggling he better think again. What does he know he’s not in our shoes. Let him get laid off or cutback hours or even fired from his job then he’ll feel the pain we’ve been feeling since the pandemic started.

  3. I can not believe it comes down too a push and a push
    The US Senete should have voted and pass the amount of $2000 of all times this would have made a hugh impact.

    I understand we have to look at the future and it would have been a mass amount to balance out many years from now.

    If you look back on issues that had the same mix other county’s and even today are not doing what the USA is and that is putting money in to make it work to buy things and keep people spending .
    Most important it give a person self respect and puts them back in to the system to do more for them self
    Thank you
    Daniel Kor
    East Los Angeles

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