Senate Republicans Block Annual Defense Bill Over Lack Of Debate, Amendment Votes

U.S. Senate Overrides President Trump’s Veto, Kills $2,000 American Stimulus

Congress voted to override President Trump’s veto on the Defense Spending Bill on Friday, handing him his first veto override since his presidency.

“For the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, failure is simply not an option. So when it’s our time in Congress to have their backs, failure is not an option either,” Mitch McConnell said. “I would urge my Republican colleagues to support this legislation one more time when we vote.”

Trump also lashed out at the legislation because it did not include a repeal of Section 230, a shield used by tech companies, which GOP lawmakers argued was not related to the defense bill. 

Trump referred Section 230 as a “liability shielding gift” to “Big Tech” and called for it to be “completely terminated”.

In addition to the veto, Senate Republicans killed the president’s demand for an increase in stimulus checks.

“A huge chunk would essentially be socialism for rich people,” McConnell said during a floor speech on New Year’s Day. 

“If the Senate does not take action today, $2,000 checks will not become law before the end of Congress and they will know that Leader McConnell and the Republican majority have prevented them from getting the checks — plain and simple,” Chuck Schumer said. “This is the last chance.”

Mitch McConnell again voiced his opposition to $2,000 stimulus checks and Republicans blocked last-ditch efforts to approve the enhanced coronavirus relief, for the second time.

Senator Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., with the support of Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., attempted to bring a vote on $2,000 checks legislation on Friday. He also sought a vote on a Mitch McConnell-backed plan that pairs the $2,000 checks with measures on election security and big tech, but Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, objected to the request for the votes, on behalf of Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., who was absent from the session, which killed the chances of a vote on the $2,000 checks.


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