U.S. Senator Rubio: Democrats’ Dangerous Catch-and-Release Policies Are Bad for America

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released a statement after Senate Democrats voted against a common-sense amendment to the budget resolution that would have prevented the Biden Administration’s dangerous catch-and-release policies.

“By restoring catch-and-release policies, the Biden Administration and Senate Democrats are sending a signal to the world that it is okay to enter our borders illegally,” Rubio said. 

The Biden administration has revived the “catch and release” system when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants at the southern border.

Last Tuesday, President Biden signed an executive order revoking former President Donald Trump’s ending of the controversial practice, which allows undocumented migrants to remain in the US while awaiting immigration proceedings.

Customs and Border Patrol said the shift in policy was result of three issues; the influx of migrants and children from Central America, Mexico’s refusal to take in families with children under 12, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the agency’s detention facilities and transportation capacity, Fox News reported.

“CBP has seen a steady increase in border encounters since April 2020, which, aggravated by COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines, has caused some facilities to reach maximum safe holding capacity,” CBP public affairs officer Rod Kise told Fox News.

“Per longstanding practice, when long-term holding solutions aren’t possible, some migrants will be processed for removal, provided a Notice to Appear, and released into the U.S. to await a future immigration hearing.

Senator Rubio added, “Not only will it result in more illegal immigration into our country amid a global pandemic but also at a time when Americans are struggling to find work. Worst of all it means countless men, women and children will entrust their lives to smugglers in an attempt to enter the U.S. The human cost of these policies are real, and it is shameful Democrats would return to these dangerous policies that have failed America for decades.”


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