Staff Sgt. Gordon Black (X, and DVIDS)

U.S. Staff Sgt. Gordon Black Gets Over 3 Years In Russian Prison For Theft, Murder Threat Charges

Staff Sgt. Gordon Black (X, and DVIDS)
Staff Sgt. Gordon Black (X, and DVIDS)

A Russian court today sentenced a US soldier to three years and nine months in prison for theft and making threats of murder. Staff Sgt. Gordon Black, 34, was found guilty of stealing from his girlfriend and threatening her life during a visit to Vladivostok in May.

According to reports from Russian state news agencies, Black, who is stationed in South Korea, had traveled to the far eastern Russian port city to meet Alexandra Vashchuk, whom he believed to be his girlfriend.

However, a dispute arose during the visit, leading to accusations of theft and threats.

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The court found Black guilty of stealing 10,000 rubles (approximately $135 USD) and making threats to kill Vashchuk. He will serve his sentence in a Russian penal colony.

US officials have confirmed Black’s arrest and conviction but have not provided further details. The US embassy in Moscow is reportedly providing consular assistance to Black.

This case comes at a time of heightened tensions between the US and Russia. It remains to be seen whether Black’s conviction will further strain relations between the two countries.

Key Points:

  • US soldier convicted: Staff Sgt. Gordon Black found guilty in Russian court.
  • Charges: Theft and making threats of murder against his girlfriend.
  • Sentence: Three years and nine months in a Russian penal colony.
  • Context: Case occurs during heightened US-Russia tensions.
  • US response: Embassy providing consular assistance to Black.

The US State Department has issued a travel advisory warning Americans of the risks of traveling to Russia, citing the potential for arbitrary enforcement of local laws and harassment by Russian government security officials.

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