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United Airlines Flight Drops Engine Parts Over Homes and Sports Field Saturday

A United Airlines flight bound for Honolulu experienced engine failure shortly after takeoff from Denver International Airport on Saturday, causing debris from the plane to rain down on a Denver suburb.

The flight returned safely to the Denver airport and the airline confirmed that there were no reported injuries among the 231 passengers and 10 crew.

Bromfield Police tweeted out, “Some of the debris landed in Commons Park and in the Northmoor and Red Leaf neighborhoods. Our patrol officers are working to locate all of the debris. If you have debris in your yard or near your home please call dispatch at 303.438.6405 to report asap.”

Investigators say the plane landed safely at Denver International Airport, and didn’t receive reports of any injuries.

“Given the number of people who are at Commons Park on a weekend day we are beyond grateful that no one was injured,” said Police.

SOURCE: Broomfield Police

Investigators said, “Anyone in Broomfield that identifies debris should immediately call Dispatch at 303-438-6400. For those who want to file a claim for damage from falling debris, please use this site:”


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