U.S. Sen. Rick Scott took on the pro-abortion activists clamoring about the seemingly pending doom of Roe v. Wade. Scott appeared to take a page from the book of the “What is a woman?” activists challenging gender ideology.

US Sen. Scott: Dems Have The Votes, So They Should Just Own Their Fiscal Irresponsibility

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott lashed out at President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats for their hypocrisy on the federal budget, and pushing the nation to defaulting on its credit for the first time in its history.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co.” on Tuesday, the Florida Republican denounced a Democratic plan to lift the ceiling of the federal debt limit without working with Republicans to get a handle on federal spending. A Senate vote on that is expected today.

Scott noted that current Democratic spending plans would drive the national debt from about the current $29 trillion to $45 trillion.

“The president’s being a hypocrite,” Scott told Sean Spicer, one-time spokesman for former President Donald Trump, in reacting to Biden’s comments that it is Republicans who are threatening the economy by not going along with these proposals.

 “Democrats control the House, the White House and the Senate, right? They don’t need a Republican,” Scott said. “What they don’t want to do is they don’t want to tell people what’s actually going on.”

“Democrats know that the American public is fed up with this,” Scott added. “They’re fed up with the inflation, they’re fed up with reckless spending. They know this reckless spending is causing their gas prices to go up, food prices go up. It’s hurting our poorest families.”

Scott pointed out that the Democrats aren’t just raising the debt ceiling. They’re getting rid of it, so nothing could block future big-ticket proposals.

“The Democrats, they want to play a game. They want to say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re not raising the debt, so we’re just going to suspend it, so nobody will know what we’re doing.'” Scott continued. “They’re being disingenuous. They can do it without any Republican votes. None.”

Scott added that Democrats are refusing to say, “Let’s live within our means,’ like every family does.”

Scott noted that Biden, whom he called a “complete radical socialist, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “want to go spend the money by themselves.” But, he added, “Republicans won’t go along with that, so if they want to do that, and they will raise the debt ceiling by themselves.”

“It’s still unfair to the American public, but the Democrats will have responsibility for what they’re doing.”

In response to a question from Spicer’s co-host, Lyndsay Keith, Scott said he didn’t think any Republicans would enable the Democrats on this. “I’m not raising the debt ceiling. Period,” he said.

Scott added that Congress could balance the federal budget. “But,” he added, “you’ve got to say, I’m gonna stop wasting your money.” And Democrats refuse to take that step.

The senator added that the federal government now spends $300 billion a year just on debt payments. If the Democrats get their way on these big-spending budgets, and interest rates “normalize,” Scott said that expense would balloon to $2 trillion a year – or nearly two-thirds of America’s current tax revenues.

“This is impossible. Every American knows you can’t do this,” he said. “The Democrats have maxed out the credit card, and they don’t want to be responsible for going to the bank and saying, ‘Hey, I need you to raise it some more. They just want to say, ‘Hey, just forget about it just for that. We don’t want to talk about it.'”

“This reckless spending is hurting our poorest families,” Scott reiterated.

“Americans are fed up with this, And they’re fed up with these games the Democrats are playing.”

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