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VIDEO: Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson Give Tom Brady Advice Joining FOX

FOX News Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson 1
Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson (by Rick Riley)

GLENDALE, AZ. – Both FOX longtime broadcasters Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson believe Tom Brady will be good as a color analyst, but it won’t come easy. 

The whole world is gonna watch,” Bradshaw said. “Everyone is gonna wanna see how he does. If he doesn’t meet expectations with you guys (media) you’re gonna say it.”

Brady signed a 10-year, $375 million contract without ever having stepped foot in a TV booth. 

“Tom is always gonna be well prepared, ” Johnson said. “That has a lot to do with him waiting a year before he jumps into it. He (Tom) wants to be great. That’s the way Tom Brady’s always been in everything he’s always jumped into. He’ll be fine.”

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By Rock Riley

Brady has dealt with naysayers, but most of that was coming out of the University of Michigan as a 6th-round draft pick. Once Brady got his chance to start as a QB with the New England Patriots, he’s been good. It’s a different story now in a totally new field for the seven-time Super Bowl Champion.

“I don’t think criticism is something that’s come his way in 20, how many years? I know a lot of these superstar quarterbacks that don’t take kindly to it,”said Bradshaw.

By Rock Riley

Bradshaw says there’s no question Brady is the greatest QB of all time. “Here’s how I look at Tom Brady, Bradshaw said. “He (Tom) won 7 Super Bowls. I won 4. Montana won 4. Tom lost 3. Seven minus three is four.”

“Tom will put the work in, Bradshaw said. “TV is me and you. I’m talking to you and not talking over your head, below you. I’m talking right to you. We’re gonna have some fun. We’re gonna keep it simple, and we’re gonna have a good visit. That’s television, and the quicker he can learn that and relax.

“We all love him, Bradshaw said. “We all love him, but I feel sorry for Greg Olsen, who’s had a phenomenal year. Olsen will work with Kevin Burkhardt in the FOX booth Sunday, both calling their first Super Bowl. 

“So maybe they start Tom out in the 2nd team,” Bradshaw said. 

I asked Johnson if he thought Brady made the right move in retiring now.

“No one can say to anybody when to retire or when to walk away,” Johnson said. “They’re the only ones that know what’s in their heart. He realized it was time for him to walk away and jump into broadcasting.” 

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FOX News Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson
FOX Super Bowl Broadcast Team (By Rock Riley)


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