Walt Disney World Joins Orange County: Crisis or Opportunity

Walt Disney World Joins Orange County: Crisis or Opportunity?
Governor's Actions Highlight the Need for Business Experience

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — "Let's make Orange County the most magical place on Earth," Chris Messina explained, summarizing his
response to the proposed dissolution of Walt Disney World's Reedy Creek Improvement District. "This is
an opportunity to raise the quality of Orange County's services and infrastructure to Disney's high
standards, not an excuse for more wasteful spending."

On Friday, Orange County Mayoral Candidate Chris Messina addressed the Walt Disney World
controversy: "We don't know how the dissolution of Walt Disney World's Reedy Creek Improvement
District will fully play out but we know that Governor DeSantis has a well-thought through plan that my
team stands ready to implement. "

Chris explained that his top priority will be to ensure that Orange County taxpayers will not lose a penny
as a result of the dissolution. "We should be planning for the transition now. Walt Disney World isn't just
a bunch of liabilities; it's extremely valuable assets too, so there's no reason that Orange County
taxpayers should suffer as a result of the merger. Mayor Demings' loose talk about an impending
financial disaster is yet more evidence that we need an experienced business person in charge: it should
be impossible to lose money on Walt Disney World, but – somehow – he's already planning to do so."
The Mayor's government-first approach is the antithesis of his "believe the science" rhetoric because
science clearly proves that the government is always a high-cost, low-quality provider. "Of course the
Mayor can't run Walt Disney World as efficiently as Walt Disney can," Chris added, "so perhaps that’s
why he's already planning on losing a fortune. Meanwhile, he wants a government takeover of
transportation, so – as studies demonstrate – he can raise the cost of transit by 30% or more by switching
us to a high-cost, low-quality service. It's his government-first mentality that's driving inflation to record
highs, and we need to stop it – here and now."

"Ask anyone what Mayor Demings does well, and even his friends won't say, 'He cuts costs,' because
Mayor Demings can't cut costs – he's spent his entire career in government, so he simply has no
experience whatsoever with cost cutting," Chris concluded.

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