The woman behind the “Libs of Tik Tok” Twitter account said she wouldn’t be intimidated into silence in a Tuesday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight after The Washington Post made her identity, address, and other private details public.

WaPo Hit Piece On The Maestro Behind Libs Of Tik Tok Backfires

Roughly two weeks ago Washington Post’s professional troll Taylor Lorenz set up the owner of the Lib of Tik Tok account on Twitter for a thorough doxxing.

She revealed the name of the previously anonymous account holder and included other details of her life – some of which were withheld after conservatives complained – that would allow critics to hone in on her.

Lorenz, who just a couple of weeks earlier made a tearful appearance on MSNBC claiming she suffered from PTSD because of online attacks against her, defended the effort to reveal the account holder, who was identified as Chaya Raichik, a former real estate agent in New York City.

“I really wanted to make the case why this account mattered, and I think it’s incredibly important as someone who covers influence or industry to know who is encouraging influence in this way,” Lorenz told CNN last week. “This is a political force, this is an influential media force. The idea this woman is not newsworthy is quite nonsense.”

If Lorenz’s secondary purpose was to discredit Raichik and get her to stop or shut down, that mission failed badly.

On April 15, just before Lorenz’s story was published, Libs of Tik Tok claimed 625,000 followers.

On Sunday, the account boasted 1.1 million – a boost of 76 percent in less than two weeks.

Last week, when the account topped 1 million, Raichik tweeted, “So grateful to @TaylorLorenz and WaPo for helping me achieve this huge milestone! Is there an address I can send a thank you card @washingtonpost?”

She then added a photo of Lorenz crying on MSNBC about being attacked online, which Raichik captioned with, “Live snapshot of Taylor as she realizes she helped get me to 1M followers. Thanks Tay!” She ended it with a kissing emoji.

What’s doubly embarrassing is that Lorenz faced more criticism after a woman whose name was similar to Raichik’s was harassed by liberals because of the Post story.

The problem for Lorenz is that the other woman not only lives in Britain, but according to the Post Millennial website, does not even have a Twitter account.

That Raichik posted on Instagram examples of the hate targeting her, with references like “Nazi scum,” “we will find you evil trump supporter,” “you are f–king bigoted trash. Your children should be ashamed of you,” and “You are what’s wrong with this world. You’re vile and disgusting. Your children should be taken away from you and put in a safer home. May you rot in hell.”

The British Raichik added on social media, “I tried to make light of this ridiculous situation as best as I could, but it’s become terrifying for me and my family.”

“This is ON YOU!” the British Raichik added in a post that targeted Lorenz.

“You need to clarify that this is not me. People are posting and tweeting my parents home address!!!” She then added: “If anything happens to my family it is on you!”

Lorenz did issue a clarification. But given that she helped Lib of Tik Tok nearly double its followers and got slammed because her troll army attacked the wrong Chaya Raichik, one might think Lorenz would heed the late John Lennon, who sang: “Instant Karma’s gonna get you/Gonna look you right in the face/Better get yourself together darlin’/Join the human race.”

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