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Washing Machine Manufacturers Warn Of Dirtier Future With Biden Admin Proposed Standards

Washing Machine
Washing Machines (Source: Unsplash)

Apparently, President Joe Biden is coming for more than just your gas stove.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Biden is also plotting a move against your washing machine.

“Biden’s Energy Department last month proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that would require new appliances to use considerably less water, all in an effort to ‘confront the global climate crisis,’” the Free Beacon reported.

Manufacturers warn that we all face a dirtier, smellier future with the proposed regulation.

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“Those mandates would force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply, leading industry giants such as Whirlpool said in public comments on the rule,” the Free Beacon added.

“They’ll also make the appliances more expensive and laundry day a headache — each cycle will take longer, the detergent will cost more, and in the end, the clothes will be less clean, the manufacturers say.”

The Energy Department projects that manufacturers will be forced to spend upward of $700 million to comply, even as it admits they are right about the effects.

As the Free Beacon noted, the Biden administration “acknowledged in its proposal that ‘maintaining acceptable cleaning performance can be more difficult as energy and water levels are reduced.’”

Travis Fisher, an analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment, told the Free Beacon the manufacturers’ concerns are justified.

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The proposed rule will “either make the appliance worse or slower.”

“Why are we so focused on the energy output, as opposed to if it’s helping me wash my clothes? That standard has kind of gone off the rails,” said Fisher.

“They keep tightening the standards, and I’m not sure their reasoning makes sense anymore.”

As The Free Press has reported recently,  Biden’s Energy Department and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are working on a rule that effectively bans half of all gas stoves from the market.

In Florida, GOP lawmakers have responded with a bill that says local governments “may not enact or enforce a resolution, ordinance, rule, code, or policy or take any action that restricts or prohibits or has the effect of restricting or prohibiting the use of any major appliances” that run off natural gas.

Gov. Ron DeSantis also has criticized Biden for the proposal.

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