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WATCH: Protesters Smack CNN Crew Member With Water Bottle, Chased Away With Eggs

Protesters in Minnesota chased away a CNN crew while covering the fourth night of demonstrations over the police killing of Daunte Wright.

Prior to being chased away by protesters from the police precinct in Brooklyn Center, a CNN crew member was plummeted in the head with a water bottle, as he fell to the ground.

“We don’t want no trouble, it’s all peace, it’s all peace,” a demonstrator is heard saying seconds before the CNN crew member is plucked in the head with a water bottle.

As the man falls to the ground, a protester can be heard saying, “A bottle of water natural,” in a laughing tone.

The CNN reporter tried to reason with the group, as you can see in the video before other protesters joined in shouting for CNN to leave. Which they did.

As the crew was walking to their van multiple people pelted them and their vehicle with eggs as the van drove away.

“What did they do?” a protester can be heard asking, as the egg yolk runs down the side of the minivan.

“CNN, being some bitches,” another person responds.

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