Osceola County Sheriff

“What The f–k is Wrong With You?” Florida Deputy Slams Teen Girl onto Concrete

A Florida school resource officer, from the Osceola County Sherrif’s Office, is under investigation after videos shared on social media Tuesday showed him body-slamming a teenager to the ground.

The girl loses consciousness instantly on impact, and in front of terrified students.

“What the f–k is wrong with you?” a can be heard yelling at the deputy in a video recorded.

“Oh my God,” another teen said in disbelief as the officer handcuffed the student behind her back.

When slammed down, the teen’s head makes an audible thump as she seemed to go limp.

WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.

What led to this incident is unknown, but this clip went viral Tuesday afternoon.

Officials said the officer was “trying to stop the student from fighting another student in the hallway” before taking her into custody.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office says their deputy who body-slammed the female high school student is now on administrative paid leave pending an investigation, which is being headed up by FDLE.


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23 Replies to ““What The f–k is Wrong With You?” Florida Deputy Slams Teen Girl onto Concrete”

  1. He could of killed her. Ut could of went wrong so easy. That was not WWE with a soft mat that was concrete.

  2. He should be fired if that was my kid all hell would have broken lose. Someone needs to do something about the police.

  3. U prejudice ass cops need to be fired there is no need for that u really need to lose your jobs what the f is wrong with u

  4. First the fight was over with and she was arguing with the other person involved. I guess the officer got upset because she wasn’t trying to her him. By the way it’s 2 officers there she easily could have been subdued!

  5. It’s very apparent all the people here who are racists and those who are not!

  6. If she was white this would be unacceptable so it still should be control freaks im the law obey what i say not what’s right

  7. If this was a white, it would be no where to be found. Black people are all over the news for all kinds of cop incidents and “abuse” that happens to whites as well. A couple weeks ago a white teen was gunned down while wasted begging for his life, unarmed and as soon as he accidentally moves, he gets shot multiple times.This happens on purpose to pit blacks against whites and create even more division than before. Do some research on the real George Floyd. All paid crisis actors to stir up that pot.

  8. I don’t doubt you about the kid getting shot, & it shouldn’t happen, however, GTFO of here with that paid crisis actor BS. Every damn time I hear one of you conspiracy junkies say that crap, it makes me cringe to think we’re both of the same species.

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  13. You right Pierre, these blue eyed devil’s speak with a fork tongue think they white whores are so delicate and supposed to be treated like they do a horse.

  14. Nel, you called him and the other one with him exactly what they are. COWARD A** B* TCHES B*TCHES ETC….
    Those red neck peckerwood don’t have any compassion for any body that looks different than them for the most part and they know this is the truth. That’s why they get so red faced and angry with us when we speak what we see them do and hear exactly what they said…try to shut us up, to keep their lies hid and covered up. But God sees and hears everything… everything… everything… everything… everything… everything… everything. You think you have gotten away, but you haven’t… haven’t!!!

  15. I bet she has a headache for behaving like an idiot. Parents need to teach her how to act in public.

  16. It is shameful to read all these posts. The only real concern should be the fact that a grow man put his hands on a someone’s child. This could have been anyone of your children and may in the future the way the world is going. Her head hit so hard you could hear the thud. She more that likely has more than a headache, that was insensitive. She probably ended up with a bleed on her brain that easily can lead to a stroke. This is a child. Whether she’s African, Caucasian, Asian, or a Latin child fact remains, SHE IS STILL A CHILD. Her parents should not have to worry about sending her to school if she’s going to make it home alive. Stop playing into their hands. Your giving them what they want. United we STAND, DIVIDED we fall. We are all Americans don’t forget that. And we have rights. That young girl has a RIGHT to go to school without being seriously injured while trying to get an education. I will pray for her and everyone here that you may find peace within yourselves and each other. Amen.

  17. What kind of real man would body slam a female (school age) on concrete but a low life coward. She did not have a weapon , so when would be the right time to slam her head on concrete ? The young lady is knocked out and that shit ass peice of crap is putting handcuffs on her. Glad she is not my child. He is a scum bag.

  18. They are there because of white male mass shooters yeah your body slam in a little black girl you’re evil

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