Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump 

While Gov. DeSantis Was Making His Announcement, Trump Came Out Swinging

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday with a Twitter announcement with some 'server overload' issues.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday with a Twitter announcement with some ‘server overload’ issues.

While Elon’s team was working through the glitches and DeSantis spoke, former President Trump lit up the newly announced candidate.

In a flurry of press releases from Trump’s camp and video releases on Truth Social, Trump came out swinging.

The following quotes and stats are from the Trump camp issued during Gov. DeSantis’ announcement.

“Ron DeSantis’ botched campaign announcement is another example of why he is just not ready for the job. The stakes are too high, and the fight to save America is too critical to gamble on a first-timer who is clearly not ready for prime time. President Trump is the proven leader that will be ready on day one to turn the country around.” — Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc. 

Ron DeSantis Enters The 2024 Race With A Culture Of Losing, said the Trump Camp.

“Ron (DeSantis)’s not a winner because Ron without me wouldn’t have won. If I would have left it alone, he would have lost by 30 points or more.” – President Donald J. Trump, 5/15/23

President Trump’s accomplishments and future vision for America has lifted him to a commanding lead over DeSantis and the rest of the 2024 field. President Trump’s record of winning is showing in all the latest primaries and polls.

DeSantis Is Getting Crushed In The Polls And Latest GOP Primaries

DeSantis started off his failed 2024 campaign by going 0-2 in GOP primary endorsements. DeSantis’ pick for Kentucky Governor got trounced by President Trump’s endorsed candidate, Daniel Cameron. DeSantis’ Republican mayoral candidate in Jacksonville also lost to a Democrat, for only the second time in three decades.

DeSantis is also massively sliding in the polls in his home state. Two in Three Floridians have expressed they want President Trump over DeSantis in 2024.

In DeSantis’ home state, President Trump has opened a massive 28-point lead over DeSantis.

DeSantis is now trailing President Trump by 43 points in the GOP primary, President Trump’s biggest lead yet.

DeSantis has fallen so much in New York that he is now polling in single digits.

DeSantis is also trailing President Trump by as much as 56 points in the latest Kentucky poll.

DeSantis also trails President Trump by 8 points in the latest Georgia poll.

Polling shows that President Trump has a commanding lead over DeSantis in Iowa, with President Trump leading DeSantis by 34 points.

Polling also shows President Trump leading DeSantis by 21 points In South Carolina. DeSantis is nearly tied with Nikki Haley in South Carolina for third place.

President Trump is dominating DeSantis in New Hampshire, with President Trump leading DeSantis by 21 points.

President Trump’s accomplishments and future vision for America has lifted him to a commanding lead over DeSantis and the rest of the 2024 field– including Joe Biden. President Trump’s record of winning is showing in all the latest primaries and polls.

DeSantis’ Prior Record Proves He Cannot Win Without The Support Of President Trump 

In 2018, DeSantis was on track to lose the Republican nomination for governor to Adam Putnam. Putnam had a commanding lead ahead of DeSantis as early as June 2018.

It was not until President Trump endorsed DeSantis that he took a lead in the Florida governor primary race.

In August 2018, DeSantis defeated Putnam for the Republican nomination thanks to President Trump’s endorsement.

In the general election for the Florida governor’s race against Andrew Gillum, DeSantis trailed by as many as 6 points to Gillum.

Once again, DeSantis rode the endorsement of President Trump to help push him across the finish line.

President Trump Defeated Hillary Clinton In 2016 By A Landslide, And His Recent Polling Suggests He Will Beat Joe Biden In 2024 By A Wide Margin

According to a survey, conducted May 12-15, President Trump remains the only GOP candidate who can beat Joe Biden in a general election.

President Trump has opened a clear 7-Point Lead over Biden in the 2024 race in the latest ABC/WaPo poll.

The latest Emerson Poll shows President Trump is also getting a strong backing from women.

Trump has racked up Florida endorsements over DeSantis.

More than 50 members of Congress have endorsed President Trump for 2024, while DeSantis only has three.

President Trump also announced endorsements from over 50 members of the New Hampshire Legislature.

This month, President Trump announced support from over 150 elected and grassroots leaders across all 99 counties in Iowa. In January 2023, President Trump announced his South Carolina leadership team during a visit to the State House. President Trump won the Great State of South Carolina TWICE and will win it BIGGER than ever in 2024.

“With the Republican primary field continuing to expand, I have never been more confident that President Trump is the only person capable of steering our Country off this path of destruction to a nation filled with prosperity.” – Iowa State Senator Tim Kraayenbrink

“I stand firm in my support for President Trump to be our candidate to beat Biden and fix the mess he has created in DC.  I, along with many of my farmer and rancher neighbors in Iowa appreciated the hard stance he took to negotiate fair trade agreements and hold countries accountable for the promises they made.  No other candidate in my opinion has the courage he demonstrated to stand up and fight for what is fair for our farmers and ranchers.  His support for the agriculture community was unwavering and its time for him to be given the chance to finish what he started to keep the US as the leader in feeding the world and keeping rural America strong.” – Iowa State Representative Derek Wulf 

“I believe Trump is committed to rebuilding and investing in rural America and will provide tax relief for the middle class. While in office he secured historic trade deals to defend American workers and brokered historic peace agreements. I support his strong border policies and commitment to build the wall.  We will have energy independence once again, he will protect the unborn and put Iowa families first.  He held true on his promises while campaigning and delivered for the American people. I have faith he will deliver once again and pull us out of some of the worst decline that America has seen in my lifetime.” – Iowa State Representative Brooke Boden

“Ron DeSantis is unelectable because he doesn’t have the experience or the strength to stand up to special interest insiders. I support President Trump for countless reasons, and one of them is because he’s won the White House before and he will do it again.” – Tim Cahill, New Hampshire State Representative

Poll after poll has shown that New Hampshire Republicans simply aren’t buying Ron DeSantis’ phony attempt to whitewash his record as an ‘America Second’ career politician, who has pushed to destroy Social Security and Medicare, off-shore New Hampshire jobs to China, and raise taxes on the people of the Granite State.

Ron DeSantis Voted To Raise Your Taxes

In Congress, DeSantis cosponsored the so-called “Fair Tax Act” three times—in 2013, in 2015, and in 2017— which called for a new 23% national sales tax.

The Tax Policy Center found that Ron DeSantis’ “Fair Tax Act,” would have raised taxes on working, middle-class families.

Under DeSantis’ plan, 90% of earners would see a tax hike.

DeSantis’ proposed “Fair Tax” would have added trillions to deficits over 10 years.

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