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WIN TV ( ) “KICK THE SUGAR” Campaign Goes Viral Around the World In Just Three Days!


WIN TV Launches Global "KICK THE SUGAR" Campaign to get Sugar Out of our Diets. Goes Viral around the World in 3 Days! Introduces
"Naturally Sweet"


WIN TV has just announced and launched a global campaign to remove sugar from our diets.

The 'KICK THE SUGAR" Campaign in the first three days has now gone viral around the world.

WIN TV also introduces"NATURALLY SWEET" a new FDA approved, Canada Health approved and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved and patented product that can replace sugar with an "All Natural" sweetener that is just now available on Shopify. Please click on link below.


Or in the next few days will also be on the WIN TV website.

Baron Storm, the Founder and CEO of WIN TV, and who is also a celebrity television chef has been using this product for a number of years as it has gone through the process of development and peer review by the FDA an other authorities.

"It is the most amazing product. We all know how bad sugar is for us in our diets and the health problems that are associated with sugar. So when something like this comes along that has all the sweetness of sugar and can replace sugar wherever sugar is used, it's an incredible step forward to getting sugar out of our lives. Children are now the fastest growing area of Diabetes and Obesity. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared these two diseases as pandemics. Diabetes and Obesity kill more people each year than COVID -19." He said.

"So, we started our 'KICK THE SUGAR'" campaign and it was an instant reaction from people around the world. The response has been from almost every country you could think of. in just three days it went viral.

So WIN TV thanks all those people who are also so passionate about supporting the "KICK THE SUGAR" campaign."

Sugar has left a trail of misery and death since it became popular 300 years ago. It resulted in the development of the slave trade as sugar barons needed help in the sugar cane fields. Millions died and suffered horrible conditions.

This continues today with millions each year suffering from ingesting sugar for years which has led to a myriad of health problems including heart disease, kidney failure, obesity, diabetes and much more.

With the introduction of "NATURALLY SWEET", as one of the best sweetners, which is the only sweetener approved by the three major health authorities, this is a great start. It has numerous benefits over sugar. First, sugar is responsible for a lot of tooth decay in children as sugar when it meets the saliva turns into an acid. This does not happen with 'NATURALLY SWEET".

Secondly, "NATURALLY SWEET" contain high fiber, sugar doesn't. Fiber in the diet is essential.

Third, "NATURALLY SWEET" is prebiotic which means that it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and the colon and undoing so also improves and strengthen the immune system, very important when you have such things as COVID, flu and other virus issues in the world.

So, check out WIN TV ( ) or face book and join the movement to "KICK THE SUGAR" out of our lives and diet and make the world a little better and also help the children.

Go to shopify and purchase a single jar, a case or even some commercial supplies. It will be the best thing you ever do.

Thank you.

"KICK THE SUGAR" campaign.

Baron Storm
Win TV Network
+1 352-999-4288
email us here



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