walmart theft winter haven florida

Winter Haven Police Seek Theft Suspect With a Large Purse

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – Winter Haven Police investigators are searching for a suspect who went on a shopping spree, but only paid for paper towels.

On a social media post, the Winter Haven Police Department said, “Filling up a large purse, but only paying for one roll of generic paper towels is still considered shoplifting.”

The woman pictured below went to Walmart (7450 Cypress Gardens Blvd) on Monday around 5:45 pm. on November 3rd, 2020. She proceeds to walk around the store and stuffs multiple items to include men’s shirt sets, boxers, socks, and baby beanie packs into a large purse she had in the cart.

walmart theft winter haven florida

She then went to the self-checkout and paid for a lonely roll of generic paper towels with a crisp $1 bill. She then walks straight out without paying for the goods inside of the purse.

If you know this person or have information in this case, you are asked to call Detective Cobb at 863-837-9459.

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