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Wisconsin GOP Chair Rebukes CNN Host’s Attempt To Downplay Milwaukee Crime

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Wisconsin GOP Chairman Brian Schimming dismissed on Wednesday CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s effort to minimize Milwaukee crime by showing statistics suggesting a recent decline.

The 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, starts July 15 and former President Donald Trump is slated to accept the GOP nomination for the third time. Blitzer asked Schimming about Trump allegedly calling Milwaukee a “horrible” city due to crime and election integrity concerns.

“The reporting, I think was wrong. I think he, whatever words he used, what he was talking about was the election processes in Milwaukee and also the crime in Milwaukee … I can tell you as someone who has worked there, there are a lot of concern about crime in Milwaukee, not just by Donald Trump, but by people living in the city of Milwaukee and around there,” Schimming said. “So if there’s something that the president’s concerned about, that‘s what he was talking about that day. But I will tell you and I’m on the committee on arrangements for the convention, we wouldn’t be having the convention in Milwaukee if Donald Trump thought it was a horrible city.”

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Blitzer argued his team did some research and that the Milwaukee crime has declined, showing statistics on the screen.

“We did some checking, Brian, and take a look at this. Crime in Milwaukee is down nearly in all categories year-to-date … 22% down in homicides, 19% down in rapes, 1% up, just 1% in robbery, 12% down in aggravated assault. So in almost all … categories, crime is way down in Milwaukee right now. So why do you think he’s making these allegations against your city of Milwaukee?” Blitzer asked.

“Because that’s not what the people feel in the city of Milwaukee,” Schimming answered. “I have worked all over, I travel and speak all over the city in Milwaukee … I know thousands of people down there and I can tell you that’s not what people feel in the city of Milwaukee, and it’s going to take a lot more than one set of stats to make people feel safe in the city of Milwaukee.”

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Democratic strategist James Carville recently advised Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss crime statistics that reflect well on the Biden administration, including in Milwaukee, which he said is “getting safer.”

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